Monday, March 16, 2009

Love Life

So the verdict for little Carson is Mono! Isn't that "the kissing disease"???? Hmmmm, i've got some questions for him! We are into week 2 of house arrest, so you'd think all my projects are done,my house was spotless and everything is uber organized. Nope, just three sickies laying around putting off all the need to be done tasks for just one more day....With the exception of some organizing before the bug came to visit me!

As I was looking through some pics on my computer tonight I came across these that were never posted. For now, I'm living vicariously through our old pictures, but in another day or two we will be back in business and out painting the town all sorts of colors!
Why do we live in California where the real estate is still insanely high despite the recession? Because these were taken in January. Enough Said!

And these were pictures when we went to eat at Ruby's on the pier with my family. So I guess that means having so much family close by that we get to see them all we want and wear out our welcome on a weekly basis is also why we live here!

I'm just a little bit obsessed with these two right now! I think you love them a little extra when they are sick!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have a whole slew of tardy posts waiting to be published, yes, i've been quite the slacker, but instead I think i'll focus on the here and now of our week because it has been a dang long one....especially today! Somehow venting about it makes it just a little better. Call it a girl thing:)
Apparently the two months of winter that my kids are sick every year wasn't quite complete. Not only was it not complete those viruses and germs as well as all they're relatives & friends have come back with a vengeance. I try to wash our hands frequently, and I am totally eligible for a wipe nazi/hand sanitizer award, especially the ones for the grocery store carts, but somewhere on my kids back is a neon sign flashing "get me sick." They must in the process of building insanely strong immune systems for their adulthood :)
I usually avoid going to the doctors until I feel it's really necessary. After Carson's cough persisted over 5 days, accompanied by a fever a couple days, REALLY goopy, swollen and red eyes, and tonsils bigger than an 80 yr. old man I decided it was time to take him in. I do realize that it would be bordering child abuse not to take a little guy in with such symptoms, but let me assure you that these symptoms have not all been there the whole time, but slowly building for the grand finale.
(Not one of Carson's finer moments in life, but really this pics sums up just how he feels)

Then there's sweet little Brynlee who woke up with her fair share of goopy eyes and cold and cough to top it off. So why not take them both in for a double wammy.
Well after spending 3 1/2 hrs. at the doctors, pharmacies and labs, the results are in: double ear infection with one "bulging" ear for Brynlee and pink eye for both. Oh joy! That's not the best part though. They have yet to determine why Carson's tonsils are so swollen and pussy (excuse the verbage, not the best word, but really only the way to describe it.) So we waited in the darn lab to test for mono with a bunch of older folks for an HOUR while my two super sick kids whimpered and cuddled on my lap because all they wanted to do was sleep. Then I had to hold my 4 yr. old while his blood was drawn. Let's just say, there were more than a few tears shed and it wasn't by him. He was super tough.
I've officially reached my breaking point. Matt's busy tax season is crazy enough by itself, we see him rarely, but after being stuck at home for three days, then dealing with lab techs who were so not friendly, did me in. So now my tough little 4 yr. old is in bed for the night with tonsils just as swollen as when he woke up. Breaks my heart!!!

On a bright note I have saved quite a bit of money this week not making my weekly target runs, and I even feel a little better after my vent session. So thanks for listening...or not, I still feel better!