Sunday, November 15, 2009

Merry Merry

The Christmas decor is up...and i'm a happy christmas bound camper. Just wanted to share the good news. Now if only 7-11 will start selling the candy cane hot chocolate the season will really be in full swing.
I promise i'll do my best to be a better blogger too. There's my written goal, cause if you write a goal it's more likely to happen right? I've just been so tired lately.....really really really abnormally tired...take that for what you will :)
Good Night!

Trick Or Treat

These pictures are really out of order, but really does anyone care? Nope, didn't think so! But maybe some day i'll fix it.
Halloween kept with our traditional dinner of dinner in a pumpkin with our families, followed by trick-or-treating with some of our best friends and ending with an unhealthy amount of sugar consumption and two pooped out kids.

The A-team, Carson and Finn had endless amounts of energy and could have kept going as long as the candy kept coming. They were having a crazy fun time

Team Chill- Milla, Brynlee and Thomas were more my style, collecting a sufficient amount of candy and then hopping in the wagon, eating their favorites, and enjoying the ride.

The kids all looked seriously adorable....the cutest i've ever seen. Carson & Brynlee got tons of candy, enough to make mom happy for a while, so chalk that up to a Halloween success.....let the countdown to x-mas begin :)

Pre-Halloweeny fun

Pumpkin patches, cookie decorating, trunk-or-treat, and carving parties oh my! The days before halloween were busy and fun and hopefully all the pictures adequately represent the fun we had & I can keep the commentary to a minimum, with all the blog catching up I have to do!

We loved spending time with the Blake's in the OC for the day and ending at the pumpkin patch!!!!!
(Just a side note since my kids don't look at this blog nor can they read....isn't this tractor cute? They just might be getting something similar for x-mas this year, and Carson just might have accidently stumbled upon it in my parents garage apparently hiding not so good, and I just might have been super bummed but hopefully did enough to make him forget about it...sad story huh :( )

Costumes take 1 for the ward trunk or treat.....
We are so loving every holiday with these too!!!

I wanna be a part of it.....

N.E.W. Y.O.R.K
With the help of two sets of FABULOUS grandparents, Matt & I were able to escape to the east coast for a kidless vacation. The bulk of our time was spent in New York with the newlyweds Kaitlyn & Jordan, who were the best hosts. There's no better way to visit a crazy, fast paced city, than with your own personal tour guides.
Why did we love New York so much? GREAT FOOD, GREAT SHOWS.....and okay shopping (the stores were PACKED and huge...I guess a little too overwhelming for an amateur such as myself)...but seriously GREAT FOOD and lots of it. It's a darn good thing you have to walk so much in that city, or the food could have done some serious damage.
Serendipity, Sarabeths, Patsy's, Magnolia's, Crumbs, Shake Shack, Alice's Tea Cup, Phantom Of the Opera....there's the highlights in a nutshell.
and of course our time with Kaitlyn and Jordan....Love you guys!

Next up we rented a car and drove to Penn State in Pennsylvania to visit our good friends Mark & Natalie. Matt went to the east coast a surfer from so cal, and became a too cool for school aviator glass wearing east coaster. and that about sums up our pictures from there, So lame that we didn't get one of all of us. It is a GORGEOUS town with awesome fall colors, and we LOVED seeing Mark & Nat, it's been way too long!!!

And the final stop of our east coast journey was in D.C. We met up with Matt's cousin Eric for dinner and one of my best friends from college Ashley.
and again....we walked A LOT......

D.C is an insanely beautiful place and you kind of want to walk around and sing the national just oozes patriotism with all it's history. We just wish we could have been there a little longer, and explored a little more, but I think the grandma's thought it was plenty long:)
so until next time....