Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strawberry Heaven

I've driven by the "U-Pick" Strawberry sign in Carlsbad my whole life, and always wanted to go. But seeing as you never really seem to take advantage of the fun things closest things to you, I never actually went until last week! So FUN!!! A little more expensive than buying at the grocery stores, but totally worth it! Not to mention you get to eat all you want while you pick, and we took major advantage of that! Next time i'll be packing some whip cream in my bag:) Carson & Brynlee both LOVED it!
Carson ate so many strawberries that when he came home and went to the bathroom he said "look mom, my poop melted." Sorry probably could have left that commentary out, but just couldn't resist!
Note to self...Never dress your child in white when going to eat berries!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A long 13 Years

Carson has always been into anything with wheels...cars, trains, trucks, planes, you name it...as most boys are! But, the last few days he has been so persistant on wanting to drive our cars-and he's dead serious. Nothing totally unusual, as I'm sure all kids would love to do this, except for the fact that lately he is so persistant and has convinced himself that he is 16 and big enough, now he's just trying to convince us! Here's his first conversation with Dad: (followed by many many more useless plea's)

C: "Dad can I drive this time?"
D: "No Carson, you have to be 16 to drive."
C: "But Dad I aaaaaaaam 16"
D: "Yeah, not quite- 13 years"
Later that day.... "Mom, can I drive? I'm 16"
The Next day...."Mom, I just wish I was 16 so I can drive. What does 16 come after?"
Today when we were getting in the car, "I just wish kids could be 16!"
Maybe he won't be asking for the next 13 years after all!
Funny Guy!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rite of Passage

I think all toddlers have an unspoken pact of things that must be done in order to be considered a full fledged toddler, and that must be completed before you can graduate toddler-hood and become a big boy. Next up, give either yourself or your sister a crooked and too-short to really be fixed haircut!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Palm Springs

There's nothing quite like some good quality cousin bonding in Palm Springs... with NO KIDS!!! This past weekend my cousins and I were able to get away for some serious retail therapy, biking, swimming, and most important, completely uninterrupted meals. Sometimes you forget how relaxing it is to be lazy.
I Love it! Best of all, the weather was so stinkin perfect and warm that we even got a decent start to some summer tans- or I should say my olive skinned cousins got great tans and me and all my tanning glory will be pasty white within a matter of days-but it sure is fun while it lasts!
We had lots of fun times with a few crazy moments....what happens in Palm Springs stays in Palm springs...except for what I choose to document. Okay, maybe it's just our dancing that is crazy and out of control and fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, my cousin Tracy got some funny footage posted on her blog (Tracy Badger) that you can check out if you are totally bored and want to see some excellent Napolean like dance skills.