Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gotta Love Santa...As Long as he's Fake

Carson is sooo not interested in talking to or sitting on Santa's lap at all this year...he always resorts to "mom, you just tell him what I want."
So, the other day when I napped Carson at my mom's house in a room full of Christmas decorations, (knowing very well this could be quite a distraction for such a curious boy, but heaven forbid I delay precious napping time to move it) he spent over an hour talking with his new buddy, and apparently his favorite kind of Santa, a fake one! Here's to baby monitors and the comedy they can bring from time to time:

You have to read Carson's dialogue in a semi-demanding voice, (he was not afraid of this santa) but still makes it much better :)

"Santa Where is your mouth? It's okay don't be scared. Santa GET ME OUT! Listen to me. Santa I need a firetruck. Please don't say no, I need one. Don't be scared Santa, listen to me. I need a bike too. If you don't have one you need to buy one. It's okay, don't say no. I can drive it. Santa Get me Out. ring ring ring, hey santa did you hear it. Santa I can not open my diaper it has poop in it, hey mom change my diaper santa says. Oh no, oh no, are you all right? SANTA. get me out. Stop doing that, he doesn't like it. Santa I need to call my mom back. Please or I will be sad. Brynlee is waking up I better be quiet too."

Back in Action...Almost!

I don't know what it is about being forced to stay home with sick kids, that makes me so unproductive. You'd think that with all that time staying home I could do one of the 50 kajillion projects that need to be done, but instead I don't. Most of the time i'm tending to my sad little munchkins who probably don't even understand why they feel so yucky, and the rest of the time I feel sorry for myself, and kick myself at the thought of all I have to do and the fact that I have still barely started my christmas shopping. A vicious cycle! I think we are finally on the home stretch of fighting bugs for over two weeks, and about ready to hit the town. I have to admit the bad case of cabin fever that we have all been suffering has caused me (probably against my better judgement) to pre-maturely go out once or twice the last couple of weeks, only to have one of the kids catch something new...or just get a little worse. Anyways, after Fevers, Croup, Head Colds, Bronchitis, and a little throwing up here and there, I think we're finally all non-contagious. Maybe not 100% healthy, but non-contagious...I'll take what I can get!