Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Favorites...

I Love the's the beginning of all the holiday festivities that I can't get enough of! Here's some of our favorite things about the fall (or the month of October thus far) in a picture overload!
Cute kids in their cute Halloween PJ's
Oh sweet, sweet caramel apples....THE BEST!!!
Halloween Parties.....many more costume pics to come!
Baking, Baking, and more baking.
And a rockstar themed Halloween party.
The week before the party Matt & I brainstormed what to wear and not once...nope never, did he mention that is was a rock star themed party. So I showed up with a big old white toga. Not quite your everyday rockstar. Luckily we had 1/2 hr. until we had to leave and I ran to Ross and accquired these nice leather spandex pants. Seriously who wears these things! We turned out to be more 80's looking, but it was better than a toga gone wrong!

People had the BEST were supposed to be an actual character! Such a fun idea.


What do you do on a night with no kids.... A date night to disneyland with all the cotton candy I want! Seriously fun, especially since we were somehow able to avoid all lines on a very crowded night. What can I say Matt's a charmer!
I will admit that both of us said countless times...."Oh Carson & Brynlee would LOVE this...or that" Don't worry they'll get their turn next week:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Little Doll!

Until I had a sister, I dressed up my brothers.....a lot! Something in the genetic build up of a girl just craves a little dress up action from time to time, and i'm pretty sure it lasts forever, hence the never ending need to shop! It's also why every mom needs a little girl to doll up! When Brynlee's cousin Shelby got the chance, she had a hay-day trying on all of her play outfits on Brynlee. And we loved watching!
Brynlee LOVED it!!! Buddha belly and all.
Heck if the outfits were about a thousand times bigger, I just might have joined in!

What's in A Name

A couple months late, but still worthy of recognition! So proud of our little smarty pants man!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So the toes live on....

In case your looking for something that the kids and I have genetically in common (as if they're not already identical enough to my family :)....just check the toes. That's right, amongst the many glorious traits that Matt and I have handed down to our children, nothing beats their cute little nubs that seem to be a carbon copy of mine....sorry guys! " Actually I'm not sure I should be apologizing but rather inviting them into my exclusive toe club that I have just created since i'm no longer alone. There's a lot of good to be had with these bad boys. They're extra strong; think how many toe wars you will win, you can pick up anything or lift weights if you fancy, if you stub your toe and it swells one will know, not to mention people with a shorter big toe are smarter, so i've heard, and they are oh so character building. People that give your toes names as you grow up and they grow ever increasingly wide as opposed to longer (ie: stubs, hammerheads, ninja turtles, etc) or just choose to point and mock, are really just jealous, because it's not everyday you come across gems like these, so consider yourself lucky! Or just make a funny face and no one will ever notice:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Man's Got Style

All you trendsetters out there, keep an eye out for the fashion forward looks that Carson has been showcasing lately. The man insists on dressing himself, and he knows just what kind of fashion statement he's trying to make....just not sure the rest of us do, but i'm always a little behind on trends! We've finally mastered getting the clothes on the right way, as long as there's buttons or zippers as guidance. But as long as they make underwear with the coolest part of the picture on the back side, Carson will forever insist on wearing them backwards for a better view :)

Most summer mornings he came down with a beanie and long sleeves and pants. I would sweat just looking at him, and then attempt to talk him into shorts, successful about half the time.
By the way, you may think swimming was on the agenda the day this fine outfit was chosen....nope just a trip to meet a friend at the mall!