Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Good, The Bad, & The Snow

The week before Christmas, we took a little last minute trip to Utah just because. Now don't I sound super spontaneous? I'm sure Matt has a slight chuckle under his breath reading of my self proclaimed spontaneous habits, as he has countless memories of me telling him "I can't be so spontaneous with 2 kids!!"....but anytime spontaneouty involves traveling with the family, i'm in. Plus we're always up for some good times in Utah. We especially love visiting family and staying with my Grandma who is the best host and has the most AMAZING kid's play loft ever. My kids would move in if given the chance.  Then there's always a day spent reminising of our college days as we walk through the BYU bookstore, always amazed at how young they are admitting students these days (really, I swear I was so much older than that when I went to school. Except for the fact that visitor parking attendant no longer double checks to make sure we're not students. I'll attribute that to the rugrats in the back seat, and still pretend I look 20.) This trip of course was also meant to squeeze in a little snowboarding for Matt, so he was hoping for snow. And Snow it did!!!! It snowed everyday we were there TONS. Seriously! We really brought the snow with us. I think Matt was saying lots of secret prayers for extra snow, he loves it! Apparently there was no snow before we got there, so the snowboarding conditions weren't the best, limiting the boys to only one day on the mountain in blizzard like conditions- I'm pretty sure that was to Blake and Weston's benefit after they both got frostbite!  I think Blake's toe is still numb, but really what's one toe among 10!  Fortunately the snowman building conditions on the other hand were phenomenal!
So in true tourist fashion we bundled up in thousands of layers (the california way for those of us lacking "real" snow clothes), and built the best snowman ever.  That's right, we know how to do more than just beach it.  Carson LOVED the snow!  Our snow man rightfully named "Carson Brown"  (think xmas song "winter wonderland", Carson is sure they say his name in it), turned into a serious project.  Matt, Blake and I were much more into than the kids.
"Carson Brown" added a little extra christmas decor to my grandparents house clearly making it the most festive house on the block!  But mostly made for a lot of fun!
Another perk of visiting Utah was seeing my good friend Becky who was due with her first baby boy the day we got there.  But did he decide to come so I could meet him?  of course not! He came a week late arriving the day after we got home.  Such a bummer.  But, Becky did look gorgeous and baby Holland did come eventually and is DANG cute!!!  Now if I could just meet him.  All in all we LOVED our time in Utah!
The next chapter of our story takes us to "the bad" aka a wretched vegas/california snow storm in areas that aren't used to so much snow and therefore not really equipped to handle it.  Below is the I-15 just outside of Vegas.  Ugh!  Our only route home ended up being closed down in three different areas from Vegas to Barstow/Victorville, forcing us back to Vegas to find a hotel for the night!
A detour of these sorts would have been welcomed if I was just with Matt, but with 2 kiddos and one hotel room....not so much.  Especially when Brynlee woke up at 5 in the morning saying "mom, I see you.  Hello.  Get me out." We did stay in the "New York New York" on the 31st floor, which was totally fun and a great view, but again, with 2 kids, not so much.  Those darn slot machines are made to appeal to the child in us.  Bright lights, fun noises, money clanking, who wouldn't want in on the action?  Well Carson & Brynlee sure did.  We must have been yelled at 20 times walking through casinos because our kids were getting too close to the slots- and maybe they pulled it a few times too.  We did our best!
The kids single handedly destroyed our hotel in a record time....and quite frankly it got to a point where we didn't even care anymore.  We were all a little stir crazy.
The roads didn't open until the next day at 1pm and we made it home from Vegas in a record setting 7 1/2 hours.   That was a looooooong two days of traveling, but I think i've officially gotten to the point where it's crossed over from a long couple days to a funny story.    Not quite the end of trip adventure we were hoping for, but nonetheless an adventure.  And i'm looking forward to next one.  I'll just be packing leashes for the kids!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gear Up!

One of the many inevitable conversations in a little girls life happened on our ride to church today. As eaves droppers in the front seat, all we could do was laugh.

Brynlee: "I'm da mommy and bruder, you are daddy. Okay."
Carson: "Um, Okay."

Oh Carson, gear up for YEARS of playing "house." and so it begins!
Do you think that since she's ready to tackle the role of mom she can take on potty training? I'm thinking since her new OBSESSION with wearing her birthday suit (stripping down about 8 times a day) we just might need to put that in her cards.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So Thankful...

Sometimes I'm a little bit of a stress case.....but lately i've been feeling a LOT more like a perma-stresser in lieu of the financial and economic crazyness. Apparently i'm a tradional non-risk taking kind of gal. Who knew?
Anyhow, I think now in the season of thanks and giving, is a good time to reflect on how blessed I really am, and a good way to divert my mind from the less important stress causers, that will pass :)

*I'm thankful for two healthy beautiful kids, who keep me on my toes, but also seem to keep me in shape.
*I'm thankful for a Husband/Dad who the kids worship and comes home with just the right amount of energy to keep the kids laughing until bedtime....cause heaven knows mine is about expired at that time! Really there is NO better dad! The above picture is where the kids sit EVERY day to watch dad leave for work. *I'm thankful for black friday and all the other days of shopping that keep me sane...even if it's just window shopping. It's therapeutic.
*I'm thankful for grandmas & grandpas that live so close. We love seeing them so often and LOVE getting together on the holidays!
*I'm thankful for good food- really who isn't. But especially all the extra baking this time of year. I love it! *While i'm on the subject. I'm thankful for Costco. The hot dog combo and samples really made my day today!

*I'm thankful for where we live and our home.
*I'm eternal thankful for my little 4 person family! It really can't get better than this.
*I'm grateful for soon to be 4 yr. olds. I think this is going to be Carsons shining year. He's been such a little gem lately!
*I'm thankful for naps/quiet time that gives me about 2 hrs. a day to do ANYTHING I want. Mostly it's my "lazy time." and it's a sacred time!
*I'm thankful for a gazillion other things, but no joke, just as I wrote that last one, Brynlee woke up prematurely and she's not a happy camper. So that'll have to cover it for now!

Not quite the book!

Being one of "those" Twilight fanatics, I was uber excited about the movie......but came out a wee bit dissapointed. I know it was low budget, so I won't judge the semi-lame special effects, but I will judge the rest in my amatuer movie critic kind of way. Really it comes down to feeling like Edward & Bellas relationship was way under developed. (That and Carlisle's make-up job) My favorite part about the book, was all the over the top cheesy highschool flirtations, that took me back to my days of giddyness, and the movie was so rushed that it didn't show all that. But I have been kind of itching to see it again, i'm thinking maybe i'll like it better on round two. So really it wasn't bad, just a let down after reading the book.
Starting the twilight festivities with a party including some seriously intense trivia/jeopardy games, and more good food than one gal should eat in one night was a darn good way to start the night. I actually really like being part of this odd little twilight phenomenon. Any reason to have a party right?