Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping Crazies

Generally, I haven't been known to be campings greatest fan. Something about nasty public bathrooms as your only option (yes i'm a pansy camper, no squatting behind trees for me), a constant feeling of grunge, crazy kids who probably consume an unhealthy amount of dirt and sugar in a 24 period, and a lack of sleep doesn't quite call my name in the same way as a hotel might. But when you combine camping with good friends, the beach, an RV, a comfy bed in the back of a surburban, mexican food to go, and an endless amount of s'mores to be consumed, it makes for a darn good memorial weekend adventure. The kids and I were having a great time on the beach while I practiced my up and coming photography hobby until Brynlee became a little too ambitious and got pummled by a couple waves. She wasn't the happiest gal after that and cried in fear anytime the water got within a few feet of her or her big brother
It didn't spoil or photo session before I was able to get some cute shots.
Then Brynlee realized how delicious sand is and that held her over for even a few more minutes. You might think this is her trial run with sand, but I assure that is about the 5th finger she took in. Apparently she found a real treasure.

Okay serious overload of kid pics, and it may not even appear that we went camping, but we did-really. These guys are just too cute and I need a lot of practice if i'm going to be a pro one day:)
Ah, back to the camping and another highlight. Marshmallows, marshmallows, and more marshmallows. I'm just a little obsessed with all things marshmallow related....Perfection, and the true joy of camping!
Well, as usual, camping took its toll on the best of us and I think this picture pretty much sums it up.
The boys all surfed the next day, the girls ran/walked and we got a little more beach time before heading home. Wow, I really didn't get many group shots, or any for that matter, but at least I caught one of this mega hot surfer.
So we love camping after all, but maybe just in one night doses! The kids crashed seconds within packing up, and we were ready for an earrrly bedtime that night! Until next time...and there will be a next time- anyone game?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Soliciting

Unfortunately the time has come to make our lives a little more private- but mostly the lives of my two squishable and completely adorably little nuggets! Being one who doesn't login in that often, I know this is kind of a royal pain, but i've just been feeling that this is probably the best thing for now. Too many creepers!!! So, you know the drill....leave your email if you want to keep reading. If I have your email you just might get an invite whether you want it or beware :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Randoms

Here we are stuck at home again with some flu virus. Shocking...or not, if you look at our track record. All I know is this one's a doosy, and my poor little guy is all but dehydrated. He's thrown up over 20 times in a 24 hr. period and eaten NOTHING!!! We're verging on needing IV Fluids if a prescription I just picked up doesn't help, but i'm thinking it will. I've learned that watching your little kids sick and feeling COMPLETELY helpless is one of the most painful parts of motherhood....Happy Mother's Day :)
This is kind of turning into a depressing post and it really wasn't meant to be that way, I just hand some time on my hands to do a little blogging! My darn mood just goes straight south when one of my kids is down and out. So, to happier times we go....

Here's some of our happy moments over the last month...
1)BATH TIME! Especially when you get in some good quality shaving time? Or when the kids are having so much fun that they hang out in there for over an hour. I LOVE when they get along so well!!!
2) Brynlee is officially consumed in all things princess related. It started with the "wonderwear" and has taken off from there...Let the shopping and nails begin.
3) Seriously good deals are enough to make me happy ANY day!!! I should have shared this gem of a deal when it was still applicable, but non-the-less, it makes my happy list. All items in picture were purchased for $3.50. And that's not all, I all also got a $5 target gift card. So really I made $1.50 by taking these things of their hands!!! And yes my family will be regular:)
4) Yellow Rain Boots, and the undying love that Carson has developed for them. Hopefully they still fit next winter because we've had nothing that can be considered a real rain storm since he got them. Still I think they look darn cute on him.
5) Post Busy season get-aways to Palm springs with my hot little hubby!! This really deserves a post of it's own, but it also deserves a top spot on the happy of the month list...
We met up with Nathan and Janelle and had the best, most relaxing weekend ever! I really LOVE Palm springs in the Spring....good shopping, good food, good sun! Oh, and massages...........HEAVEN!!!!

6) And of Course Great Moms. I have the greatest mom and mother-in-law EVER!!!! And we were so blessed to all spend the day together yesterday. Really it's too bad that everyone can't have my two moms, because i'm pretty sure they don't get any better!!!! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Captain Commando & the Queen of the Crown

Back in the day I learned that lots of guys prefer to go "commando." Ewww!!! Didn't understand it then, and I don't understand it now.
Carson does!
He's the captain of the commando club. I knew he was a number one fan when I started to find his underwear shoved in corners, under beds, behind couches, etc. That's where it goes after I hand it to him with his clothes for the day. His full collection has yet to be retrieved, so don't be alarmed if you ever come across a pair at our house...they're clean:)
He says his underwear "doesn't fit" and it's "too tight." I say he's just become to comfortable with the commando lifestyle.
You gotta pick your battles, so instead of the daily reminder, I think we'll try the route of little man boxers next!

In related news....Brynlee has joined the "wonderwear" club. That's right, we are a diaper free house and proud!!! Unlike Carson, they are her favorite accessory!!! She's a proud member and I've been reminded that kids wedgie's are quite possibly one of the cutest things i've ever seen. Fortunately for me, Brynlee sports one nearly 24/7. I just love her and her little cheeks!!!