Monday, January 11, 2010

The Signs Align

Instead of facing a blog where i'm about 2 million posts behind, i've ignored it. But no more. New Year, New blog devotion. Serious this time!

Some day i'll catch up, but not now.

Over the last few months i've had the occasional freaking out tendency to overlook all the symptoms and positive pregnancy tests, and question whether or not I was actually pregnant, all because i didn't yet have the confirmation from the good ole' obgyn. Call me a little paranoid and medically dependent.

But the signs were all confirmed f.i.n.a.l.l.y. Apparantly the throwing up, huge chestal increase, smell sensitivity, and belly fat, weren't just in my mind. And it's a good thing to otherwise I would have no explanation as to why this week I:

a) drove way out of my way to get 2 tacos from jack in the box (i don't even think what's inside can be considered meat, but they were great)

b) cried uncontrobally on 2 t.v watching occasions that really truly didn't warrant even misty eyes.

but the results are in, i'm due the middle of june (further along than I thought) and having another girl. SO excited!!!! But don't take me gambling, because I would have bet anyone that it was a boy.
Brynlee is beyond thrilled....and Carson's only response when opening the present that told them the sex- "oh dang it." and that was that!