Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bend it Like Brown

Watch out, we've got a new soccer star in the family, and i'm now a "soccer mom" up, minivan-ville. Carson's an official member of the Red Tigers.....and yes, they are as tough as they look, if not tougher :) A month into soccer I think Carson has finally figured out that you're supposed to kick the ball into the goal, but does he really care? nope, not so much. He's just stoked on scoring a killer snack at the end of the game. What was once a granola bar or maybe a bag of chips, along with a juice box, has turned into a full on birthday party-esque goody bag, complete with a variety- yes variety, of chilled fruit at halftime. The snack bar has been seriously risen and it's a good thing we weren't 1st up, cause I might have missed the memo being a 1st time soccer mom.
Other than that, he is loving wearing a uniform, being on a team, running with the pack, and he's especially mastered his 360's, and various other jumps and dance moves while waiting for the whistle to blow,
but he has the biggest smile ever the WHOLE time. It doesn't get better than that!
(but no cheering allowed if you ever come to the games....that's strict orders from the soccer champ himself...and he's dead serious!)

El Rancho

Our families annual ranch trip to northern cali. in August was yet again a success!!! Maybe even a little better this year since our little nuggets are a little older and a little wiser and can really appreciate it's greatness :) It is truly heaven on earth for our crazy kids. Between Carson's new found love for skiing, fishing, chasing down the ranch cats, watching out for cows and horses, swimming, shooting, and truck rides, the kids were ready for a new permanent residence!

So many happy memories....till next year, the adventures continue.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back in Action

You know the feeling when you have so much to do, or in this case so much to blog, you suddenly feel completely overwhelmed, so instead of starting slow, you ignore it all together! That's the story of my blog life the last couple months. So here we go, starting slow and hopefully we'll become regular once again!
Our August flew by! Seriously flew. If I didn't have photo evidence I would demand a re-do.
The event of the month....the long awaited wedding of my SIL Kaitlyn. The events seemed so stretch over a week and was full of tea parties, dinners, family beach days, dancing, and was all around amazing and beautiful:

All the cousins where the cutest things you have EVER seen!!! Seriously, and they all matched!

All the Brownie Girls!!!!!

The key to a super amazing reception......good dancing!!! And we danced!