Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Babes

The Easter festivities were in full force this year. There was plenty of cute shirtless kiddies saving their clothes from the inevitable egg dye splattering, more sugar inhaled than the rest of the year combined, easter egg hunts, good food, and family. I love easter and all that it entails: spring, new dresses, flowers, gardens, the BEST candy of all the seasons and of course the opportunity we have to celebrate christs ressurections and teach our kids of the atoning sacrfice that our savior made. Carson even got it a little more this year!
In the name of tradition I took about 5 billion pictures in the attempt to get the "perfect" easter picture of the kids in their new outfits. But alas, I was once again reminded that in the world of trying to pose a 2 and 4 year old, a perfect picture does not exist. By the end of our session I had one little boy in dyer need of bathroom, and a little girl whose new on command fake smile thought the harder she smiled the sooner we'd be done.
But seriously they are the cutest kids EVER!!!!

I LOVE celebrating the holidays with these two, they make them So much sweeter!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Notable Holiday

Happy Tax Day! Aside from the government stripping of us our hard earned money, and spending it like it's going out of style, we looooove April 15th in our home! If you're husband is a CPA than you do too!
We get the world's best and hardest working dad back after a looong couple months. I have a feeling the next week we'll be seeing endless amounts of one of a kind games including, tickle lion, dupety doop, car driving, tickleman bob, & hide and seek! We're so proud of Matt and his hard work and dedication, and love him to pieces!!! That's why we kind of like having him around....So, adios 80+ hour work weeks we won't miss you at ALL!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving Music

I don't hear much of conference these days. I try, but really, catching bits and pieces of talks here and there between all the activity doesn't quite do it. Normally I don't get to really appreciate the words of the prophets and apostles until the Ensign comes out. That being said I still Love Conference sunday and I LOVE spending the day in PJ's and eating.

Amidst the chaos that accompanies our conference sundays, no matter what Carson was doing, and no matter where he was, when the Tabernacle Choir sang he ran to get a front row seat. He watched them up close until the song ended. The second the music was over, without saying a word he ran back to whatever he was working on. Music can be powerful. It melted my heart.

Certifiably Insane....

That's what I declared myself after agreeing to drive to Arizona with my 2 younger brothers & kids last Thursday morning. 6 hours before departure!I decided long ago that my spontaniety went out the window when the 2 kids came in, so when my older brother called to convince me to come to Arizona to hang out with my SIL for the weekend while the boys went biking I said no. Somehow, after A LOT of indecisiveness and persuading, I ended up in Arizona.
Matt worked insane hours (the countdown is on, only one week left of busy season) and we got in some good quality bonding time.

Aside from minor travel incidents: a) flat tire on the way home, and b)the drive from &^*&^%#@ on the way out there- Brynlee was NOT a happy camper, the weekend was pretty darn fun.

Some Highlights:
We met up with Beth at the CUTEST Children's museum. If I was an AZ resident, a pass would be a must! They had a "car wash" that the kids could drive through. A grocery store where the could shop, cars to drive, cars to race, and lots of other contraptions! Seriously Cute!
Our other Arizona musts: a fun girls night with Janelle, Cafe Rio, and lots of pool and park time...arizona spring weather is the best!
We were ready to be home after going non-stop, but loved visiting with the family. Hopefully we weren't too destructive to their home :)

Quality Time

My Best friend from High School, Becky and her new little munchkin, Holland, came to stay with us for a week. My usual photo overload obsession was forgotten that week amidst all our fun, and I took pretty much zero pictures. What a bummer!
But I did learn that my kids are obsessed with all things baby, but mostly just with Baby Holland. He is still a frequently discussed topic in our home. They Loved him. We had to try and tame their love since mono can still technically be contagious through salivia, and my figure sucking little beauty is guaranteed to have remnants of salivia on her hands at all times. I think we gave Becky a heart attack a few times, but I spent lots of time convincing her that we really weren't contagious :)
Aside from that she put her interior decorating skills to good use and helped me re-vamp my poorly decorated home. Clearly decorating is not among my gifts! Lucky for me, it's one of hers.
The rest of our visit revolved a lot around food. What can I say, we like to eat. So we hit up all our favorite spots, in between our shopping, and just had plenty of craziness to spread around with our 3 kids!
Come back soon Becky!

Let the Fun Begin

After being couped up for nearly 3 weeks with more viruses and bacterial infections than any one family should have in a year, we've made up for lost time by spending the last couple weeks partying like it's 1999. Nonstop. I'm exhausted. But sadly it doesn't take much to get me to that state now-a-days.
We started off the party with a rager including "Thomas and Friends." If the young fans of Thomas the train had a fan website (which they very well may, but I will probably never google that one) Carson would be a regular follower.
Grandma Karen got us tickets to see "Thomas and Friends" Live at the Sports Arena. It was an afternoon full of all the concert regulars...popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, and hot chocolate. Topped off with the 2 cutest engineers you've ever seen. The kids had a blast, and it really was a cute show! Thanks Grandma Karen.