Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A blog of randomnicities

This is the kind of post that comes out when you are in a blog stupor.

* I'm realizing that unless i'm 2 steps behind my kids at all times the house will never be clean. I'm pretty sure that when you have 2 kids the workload triples. And seriously, on a side note, how can a small little family of four go through so much laundry?

*Let me count the ways i'm getting, nevermind, that's a downer- but I have had have a few sad realizations lately that reminded me i'm on the up and up. For one, I need at least a day of recooperation after any big event. Then there's my radio preset that is often set to kyxy soft and easy. Not to mention my 10 o'clock bedtime. Okay I'm done!

*Sometimes the "terrible 2's" don't rear their ugly heads until the 3's.

*Target brings way to much joy to my life and the jury's still out on whether or not I think that's a healthy thing! I love it and it has pretty much become a mandatory weekly outing....not to mention, very do-able with the popcorn and soda combo for $1.

*I now drink too much soda, and i'm blaming it on target!

*Carson can always make me laugh with his endleess observations and curiousity...a couple weeks ago he went on an outing with Grandpa Brown and here's a clip of their conversation... "Grandpa where did your hair go?" "I lost it" "Oh, that's okay, I will help you find it!"

*I become quite the sleep natzi when my kids are asleep, so sorry if you're ever around. My kids moods are completely dependent on whether or not they have enough sleep, and my mood is dependent on theirs! So, don't mess with a sleeping child.

*Patience is going to be an ongoing lesson to be learned...probably forever, hopefully one of these days i'll show signs of improvements. But, why do kids find so much joy in emptying cupboards, drawers, boxes, shelves, etc?... over and over again. I think it's because it's an activity a 1 yr. old and 3 yr. old can do together in peace.

*When Carson says "daddy your supposed to live here" I think that means daddy's been working a little too much! I don't have very nice words for tax season.

*Before kids, going to the grocery store was a quick stop...Post kids, it's the big outing for the day! Woohoo

*No matter what your kids do, if you watch them sleeping, you can forgive them of anything. Seriously nothing better in the world!


Carrie said...

I love how you can come up with random things like that! I blame Target on my continuing addiction to Dr. Pepper. I try to give it up and then I go to tastes sooo good there!

Halvos said...

Oh I love your ramblings! Thank you for the laughs! I think you could write a book with those deep thoughts Brooke! By the way, have you tasted that soda at Target called Taga or something? Its a Mediterranean citrus/blackberry soda drink--SOOO good! And ZERO calories! Try it next time and let me know what you think! =)And thank you for the popcorn/drink tip--Savannah LOVES Target now! (cue hallelujah music)

Marcie said...

These were so fun to read, Brooke! I could totally relate to several of them. You are my Target buddy. I promise I usually have more patience with my kids when in stores though! :)

gregandlaura said...

You are seriously so hilarious! I loved those little comments- and they all are so true!