Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Muffin Man

We left behind our tropical paradise of California to bake in the Arizona sun for a week and a half....yes, we must be crazy, but we had some fun and are super glad to be back! I have officially decided that a vacation cannot be called a vacation when traveling with a 1 and 3 year old. There has to be some other name for it, because vacation implies relaxing, and somehow that just doesn't quite fit. The original plan was to go for a long weekend with all the Browns for the most humongous reunion ever that happens every other year. But, my sister-in-law decided to plan a surprise b-day weekend for my old man brother turning 30 the weekend before, so instead of 2 road trips 2 weekends in a row, the kids and I stayed the whole week and mashed it all together....and hopefully we weren't too disruptive of Nathan and Janelle's otherwise peaceful life!
Now here at Nate's b-day dinner, you might think we're standing in front of a delicious restaurant since the b-day boy was able to have his choice
Or If you know Nathan it wouldn't surprise that instead it was a Casino, were the buffet feature of the night was crab legs. Apparantely a love for buffets runs in the family, but crab legs....Ewwww! On top of that there was an hour plus wait, & after a few minutes of more smoke inhalation than one should have in a few years time we moved on! Yeah!
Entertainment of Birthday dinner #2 at Red Robin peaked when Nate decided the almost whole stack of untouched onion rings left at the table next to us would not go to waste on his watch. He's one of a kind, and pretty darn funny! We also went to the lake one day which is always a family favorite. And Carson even liked "surfing" enough to do it twice. Matt was so proud! The family then left me, and the rest of the week was left to see cousins and a few old friends from college. I didn't get many pictures of that, but it was soooo fun to see you girls!!!


bethany said...

I am so mad at us for not taking any pictures!! There were so many photo worthy moments-like when Jakson wouldn't ride the horse on the carousel or had poop running down his leg in Gap, or when Carson and Brinley decided that they both needed new sunglasses, or your car packed with Target finds!! :) I'm so glad that you came to visit and hope that you can come again!! So fun!!
BTW-where is this baby?

Britley said...

I LOVE that Nathan picked a Casino to eat at, and ate off of the other table. And how cool to get Carson to wakeboard like that. He's a brave little guy!