Monday, October 20, 2008

My Little Doll!

Until I had a sister, I dressed up my brothers.....a lot! Something in the genetic build up of a girl just craves a little dress up action from time to time, and i'm pretty sure it lasts forever, hence the never ending need to shop! It's also why every mom needs a little girl to doll up! When Brynlee's cousin Shelby got the chance, she had a hay-day trying on all of her play outfits on Brynlee. And we loved watching!
Brynlee LOVED it!!! Buddha belly and all.
Heck if the outfits were about a thousand times bigger, I just might have joined in!


queenieweenie said...

I think you have a Halloween costume with the middle one...might be a little cold though!

Holly said...

How fun!!! I really am hoping that I'm having a little girl! I miss the cute clothes and dress-up! Bria's already outgrown princesses and it makes me sad! I guess they have to grow up sometime:o) Lovin the "budha belly"...that made me laugh!

Hazen5 said...

She looks just like Malibu Barbie! I love little girls.

Blythe said...

How fun! Brynlee looks so adorable!