Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Sugar Daddy

Carson and I are Sugar Soul Mates! The guy would skip every meal until the cows come home and not even bat an eye at his little figure withering away. But when it comes to dessert, he licks his bowl clean and can just about out eat to me of course! So one of our new little adventures is mommy-son dates, so I can remember how much fun he is one on one and re-appreciate his funny humor, as opposed to constantly reminding him not to whine and tease! So for our first date it was only natural that we go out for ice cream, his choice! We went to one of those self serve yogurt places with unlimited topping selections, that seem to suddenly be popping up all over (which I might add deserves a post of it's own dedicated to my love for these yogurt shops, another time...) Being the dessert conisseur that Carson is, he was the designated creator of our dessert and here's what we got: Pecan, Tart, Strawberry and a touch of creamsicle yogurt topped with Oreos, cookie dough, butterfinger, granola, and of course the colorful gummy bears that always catch a youngsters eyes. Don't worry, I did put my foot down when he started wanting to add fruit toppings also. Well sugar is sugar and our yogurt was pretty tasty, but the company was even better. My little man is so fun! Can't wait for next time!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


We spent 11 days in good ole' Utah...which partially explains my lack of blogging, second only to laziness of course!

The kids did awesome in the car (for the most part), but not without a little extra sugar, a few books and toys, and the trusty old DVD player that almost got thrown out the window due to lack of cooperation. Luckily the headphones provided some good entertainment within themselves.

We started our little vacation in St. George where Matt, my Dad and Trevor, did their annual triathlon last weekend....and I did my first! All went well except for the insanely windy conditions turned my first ever triathlon into a biathlon. After starting the first heat of people...and rescuing at least 3 boat loads and the others taking WAAAAAAY to long in the water, they called it off and we started on the bikes. Matt was bummed but I was doing a happy dance with my dad. Seriously, I was freezing in my wetsuit just waiting to start.

Then the kids and I were off to Alpine for the week to stay with my Grandma & Grandpa and wait for Matt to fly back up the next weekend for a wedding! I'll never tire of a good Utah vacation. My Grandparents are the best hosts ever and so welcoming.....and always feed us way tooooo much! Staying there is comparable to a cruise! You are ALWAYS full!!!
It really was a relaxing week with all the ingredients of a perfect vacation. No cooking, no cleaning, no bills, good company, all my favorite utah food stops, and of course my good friends edward and bella. I kicked back with my mint brownies from BYU and read the last 2 books of the twilight series. Yes, i'm a fanatic and i've now watched about 15 different trailers for the movie. I've never read so much in such a short time. Loved the 3rd book the best! And the kids just loved visiting cousins and playing in great grandmas play room.
Finally Matt came and joined us on Thursday for his cousins wedding! It was a beautiful wedding and so fun to be with all the Browns.

It was a great week, but we were all excited to come home to our own beds!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Couple weeks in Review

Not quite sure where the time has gone...but don't worry, we're back. If it's any consolation, I keep thinking of really fun blog entries I want to do, and halfway create them in my mind, but to actually sit down and do them would take time and when the weather is nice, blogging time takes a backseat, and then you just get out of the groove. Anyways, this post is anything but a "fun post" but I am well overdue for an update, so here's some of the latest happenings that have been consuming our time lately!

Yep, we went to disneyland the day after to celebrate with another accountant friend, but lame mom forgot the camera, so here's some other fun pics of the last couple weeks getting to do what the kids love best- hang out with dad as much as possible since they were on dad drought time for the last two months. Life is so much more fun with dad around. (and mom is probably a little bit happier) We LOVE it!!!

Matt's dreams of teaching his boy to skate and surf are finally becoming a reality. Of course it wouldn't be a true manly skate session without a little crack action :)

Loving a litte more pool time and beach time!

Congratulations to my cousin Tawny who got married last weekend and looked GORGEOUS! It was a fun party and so fun as always to get together with family!!!

And last but certainly not least...I'm am the newest member of the twilight Groupies. I LOVED IT!!!! I've been meaning to read this for some time and finally a friend dropped it on my doorstep, and I had no excuse. With probably a little too much kid neglecting on my part nothing like a little big bird for a couple hrs right?...yes I do feel a little guilty about that by the way, but I could not put it down-i tried) I finished it in 2 days and I'm dying that the sequel is not waiting for me on my doorstep. Although I should probably save it for our next road trip and spend a little time with the kids this weekend :) I am a big time sucker for anything romance related... i get the chills frequently! I LOVE edward and I may have even dreamt all about the book the first night....just maybe :) Such an easy read, but so entertaining.