Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Busy Days

I LOVE summer. Really Love it! Not since my single, non-working, out of school for the summer, basking all day in the sun for the perfect tan glory days, have I loved a summer so much.
Between Pool Days, Swim Lessons, Beach Days, Summer Movies, Eating out, Jazzercise (yes the 80's leg warmers, sweat band kind of's making a comeback and I love it :) we've been busy. My kids are the PERFECT ages this summer!

Sadly (or not so sadly) My poor house and laundry have taken the brunt of our summer fun and aren't getting the attention they should. And if i'm being totally honest neither am I. I just might not shower or actually do my hair as often as I once did! I'm just saying, why shower when you're going to the pool later that day? Right? I haven't turned into a stinky hippie at least....yet! But if you see me and I look like a scrub you know why!
My weekly target runs which I love so much, have become minimal to non-existant and apparently blogging is on the back burner too. However, in an effort to preserve our summer memories here's a quick blip of what we've been up to:

We went to visit some of our favorite people in the world, the Steimle's up in Camarillo for a weekend and had a blast!

We also celebrated both our birthdays and our anniversary in July! Seven Years and going strong!!!!!


Weston and Becky said...

I thought Weston and I were your most favorite people in the world! :) I love the photos of your kids. They are soooo cute. Summer time is the BEST!

Spjut Family said...

I think summer is a great time to go stinky and pile up the laundry. That is how it is at my house too. We are off to the pool after nap time-- so why shower??? This next weekend we are off to the lake. Yippee.

bethany said...

Looks like lots of fun Brooke! Do you guys have a neighborhood pool? Happy belated birthday :)

The Nixon Family said...

Just remember that even though your summer is "over" it is not really over. an endless summer, right!? it was so great to be in sd, we sure miss the beach out here in tx. happy bdays and anniversary! 7 years! wow!

Haley said...

Happy Anniversary Brooke - belated! It's our 7 year Anniversary today - crazy how fast time flies... Looks like you summer has been a blast!