Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All's Well that ends well

For better or worse, my kids moods & demeanors seem to affect my mood a lot!!! Especially that last half of the day, during the crunch time couple hrs. before bed. If things going totally awry, I go nuts, & somehow my perception of the whole day isn't too fantastic and vice versa.

A new little gentleman entered our family tonight and he's a keeper. He started out sitting at the dinner table upon the first request (a biggie in itself) and said, "oooh mom, this looks delicious. Thanks for making it." What??? Then when he was about done, " Mom, i'm having a little trouble can you please help me with my last bites." Then at bath time, "Mom, I really love you." Oh, it goes on and on....he asked a question in baby talk (which is currently a major pet peeve...another story of the the baby talk phase that has long wore out it's welcome) and before I could say anything, "oh I'm sorry I talked like that mom." Really it doesn't end here, it went on and on until bed time, but point made. I seriously don't know what happened, but I'm LOVING this. and to top it off, I had a GREAT day!!!

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bethany said...

Did the aliens invade his body?!? I seriously would die of shock if Jakson ever acted like that. Hope he keeps it up! I'm jealous!!