Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween was a good time all around this year. Three little pumpkins, three dang ADORABLE pumkings, super excited about any and all holiday festivites will always make for fun.
The down side was that Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, so we opted not to go trick-or-treating, but on the upside, we had so many other gazillion halloween activities that Carson and Brynlee could care less about going out the night of. They were tickled to sit at the door and pass out candy while reveling in their already filled up pumpkins from two nights of trunk-or-treating.
It all began when Brynlee had a cookie decorating halloween party with her joy school buddies. Cutest group of little kiddos!
and Carson's school had an amazing halloween carnival that we went to with Finn & Milla. The simple Elementary carnivals that i remember from my school days are no more....these guys don't mess around, and the kids LOVED it. They had tons of crafts, COTTON CANDY (one the the top 10 loves of my life) games, and full on real carnival rides. It was big time.
Next up was two nights of ward trunk-or-treats.
One night with both grandmas & grandpas, while matt & I went to a couple halloween parties.
and the next night with friends at our ward party.
The ward party was crazy & fun. Brynlee now knows exactly what a cake walk is, but no cake was won despite all my efforts.
So what we can sum up from our October is that we all tons of fun and really ate WAY too much candy!!!!! So finally today I paid the kids $3 to turn over their buckets. Not too bad a deal. I have woken up for the last time this morning with Brynlee waving a candy bar in my face asking if she can have it for breakfast. The candy is now safely stashed away for my personal consumption since clearly I need more junk in my life. It's called my sanity stash. Maybe someday I won't look toward chocolate as a sanity maintaner....nope, probably not!

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