Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Learning to Blog

Carson LOVES dad's socks!

I don't know what I'm doing, but apparently blogging is in, so I'm attempting to create one for our family. I feel both old and embarrassed to admit that I could probably hire a 2nd grader that would be much more efficient in posting a blog, so you'll have to bare with me.

We'll just keep it simple to start, because quite honestly I don't know who's going to read it anyway :) But it's a great way to document life since i've repeatedly failed at journal writing.

Here's some quick family updates:

Matt is starting work at a new company on Monday- exciting and a little scary.

Carson is almost 2 1/2 and the best big brother around. He has unlimited hugs and kisses for his sister and for anyone else that will play with him. He's a great helper and the latest favorite is cleaning dishes. Not sure filling up cups with water, scrubbing them, then dumping and repeating 100 times completely qualifies, but i've learned i can get quite a bit done if i turn the water on to a slight drip- he'd stand there for hours. It also works with brushing his teeth, you've never met a kid with cleaner teeth.

Brynlee is HUGE now. she's 4 1/2 months and just getting more and more fun. She's so smiley and laughs if you're lucky. One of the best sounds in the entire world. I love having my little girl!!! We actually went on a shopping outing all day today to the nordstroms sale- I'm training her early.

Hopefully I will be able to attach a couple recent photos of the kids....


bethany said...

Hooray!! I kept wondering if you were ever going to start one of these. They are so much fun and a great way to keep in touch! You can even find a link to Danielle's (as well as Sam, Annie, Katie, Audra, and Melissa) on my blog. This stuff is addicting.

Matt said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!! Love, Grandma Karen

Velyn said...

What unbelievably adorable and brilliant children!

Danielle said...

It's Danielle, how are you? I am sure this is you, because your daughter looks just like you. You have adorable kids.