Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Adventures

We're back from a long, but super fun week in Utah with lots of family, so just a warning that this could turn out to be a really long post as I try to sum up the events! We started off the week in Alpine with my grandma, and all my moms extended family. We don't make it to Utah much, but I have to admit, I kind of like the place. Mostly I like to hit up all my favorite food spots and of course walking around BYU and reminiscing about the old days is always fun! (and makes me feel waaay to old- the freshman are such cute little things:) It's always fun to see all the cousins up there, and Carson had a blast. We had about 55 people for dinner so it was a full house. I thought it was so cute that my grandma had a little table for preschool aged kids. The first time Carson sat by himself in a totally separate room with just kids. He actually did pretty good! Here's some of the little munchkins.

I didn't get too many thanksgiving pics, but after dinner we left for the middle of nowhere Utah also known as Blanding to hang out with Matt's family for a couple days! It was a crazy busy, but a really fun two days. Keri so good at having fun things planned. The first day we drove to Durango Colorado to ride the Polar express. Cutest town ever...and such a fun train ride. Carson was in heaven! It was freezing and snowing, not normally a good thing (especially for a totally unprepared southern california family), but if your taking the polar express to the north pole, then it kind of tops of the experience.
We all got to wear our christmas pj's all day....nothing better than a legitimate excuse to not get dressed.

Carson, Spencer and Cameron waiting by the tracks and eating their treats
The workers are dressed up like the movie and they bring you hot chocolate and a treat.

We sang christmas carols the whole way back and Matt and Brandon got really into the 12 days of christmas....i think someone slipped something into their cocoa.
Santa passed out bells and Brynlee really liked hers. Yes it was probably totally dirty.....but a 10 month old running on 1 short nap that day- she can do whatever she needs to stay happy!

So the last of our adventures was a big quad ride on Saturday. We went to a place right by Lake Powell, left the kids with sitters and rode all day. It was an awesome ride! We stopped for lunch in the canyon, rode a little longer, had a little adventure and almost got stuck going back up the dunes to get out. That night we all got together to watch the Cougers take care of those dang Utes!!! A good end to a great trip!!!

Matt and Floyd with an amazing backdrop!


The Badger family said...

Looks like some greta holiday fun.
I tagged you so check out my blog and see how to do it. I hope all is well.

Marcie said...

We went on the "Polar Express" (The Heber Creeper) last year at Thanksgiving in UT!