Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A few Random Tidbits

I decided I better not be lame and respond to this tag because I love reading everyone elses so much- especially since I don't normally blog about myself this might be kind of fun!
The rules: List 6 or 7 facts about yourself, then tag others to do the same!Here are a few things you may or may not know about me!

1.) I have a horrible habit of picking at everything I eat! I think it's progressively gotten worse over the last couple years. I've come to the conclusion that, why eat the whole piece of cake when all I want is the frosting- so i'll have 5 pieces with just the topping. This drives my family nuts (understandably so) so sometimes I have to throw away the bottom of the cake before they see it. This isn't just the case with cake; I like the chocolate chips from cookies, the filling in the oreos, only the cheesiest doritos, etc. Matt can't think of one food that I don't pick at. Every food has a best part!

2) I am mildly embarrased to admit it, but I probably qualify as a reality show junkie. Some current favs are Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, The Hills, and Bachelor. I don't know why watching someone else's drama is so entertaining, but it just is! I think it all started with the second season of survivor, where I decided I really wanted to do that show. I even printed out an application two different times. I'm really competetive and LOVE the competitions and obstacles! Unfortunately I would never leave my 2 babies for that long, so that dream is dead!

3) In my other life I am an amazing dancer. I kick myself over and over for not taking dance throughout my childhood. I love it! I would have loved to be a cougarette, and swear one of these days I'm going to get my lazy little self down to the dance studio and sign up for a class. For now Carson and I rock out on a regular basis.

4) I Love shopping, but like Tracy only for a good bargain. There's nothing better than finding a good deal, and since I know how good of deals are out there to be found, I could never bring myself to buy something not on sale. My family has a disease when it comes to spending money, but i'm not quite as bad as my dad and bros. I think Matt has loosened me up a little. The same goes for food too! I have been totally into couponing lately and i get the biggest thrill checking out how much I saved on the bottom of the receipt. Sometimes I buy too much just because something is insanely cheap-not always a good thing, but I justify thinking that 10 bags of chocolate chips make great food storage.

5) I love to travel anywhere and everywhere! I could be in Europe or in San Diego at a hotel. I love the feeling of no responsibility, no laundry, eating out and having Matt all to ourselves. Actually after our last road trip I should clarify that in the case of a road trip I love to travel without the kids:)

6) I LOVE food and I love to Bake! I'm trying to find that same passion for cooking, but as of now baking is much higher on my priority list. I love trying new recipes, mostly ones that involve chocolate, which isn't always good for the old waste line. Matt's bummed that he now craves dessert ever since he married me. I just feel bad it took him so long to realize the finer things in life!

7) I often over analyze and over explain things...sorry for all the long descriptions-congrats if you read it all!

I tag anyone reading this who hasn't already done it!!


Haley said...

Brooke!!! I am so excited you have a blog too! I am always wondering what you are up to. I knew you would be back in San Diego, since you are both from there. Talk about the cutest family ever - your little boy and girl are so precious! I am going to have add you blog to ours - so I can keep up with you and not lose touch again - so sad! I'll have to email you too, cause this comment area is not big enough!

The Badger family said...

Great info!!!! I love it!!!! The coupon thing is something I am becoming obsessed with as well. I do this thing called Coupon sense and I am saving a=over 50% every time I go grocery shopping. It is really exciting to see that bottom of the receipt and how much I am saving.

ERK & MRK said...

Okay Brooke! You always have me laughing uncontrollably! All I have to say is DITTO to everything you have just said. That pretty much sums me up too in a nutshell!!!

Carrie said...

Brooke I loved reading about you!! Hey if you find a dance class let me know...I love to dance. Not so good anymore, but it is a great workout! I took a ballet class when Bruce was about 2It was nice to get out of the house and do something I love. I'm a coupon clipper too...I do the grocery game. It is such a thrill to see how much I have saved. So much fun!

Marcie said...

So fun to learn more about you, Brooke!

merlocutie said...

hey brooke and matt! i miss you so much matt and you are so nice and funny!miss youuuuuuuuu!

gregandlaura said...

Hey Brooke! We were really glad to have found your blog. I just had to comment because I honestly relate to everything you said! I love bargain shopping -ESCPECIALLY food. (Have you heard of - awesome!), and I love anything chocolate - and greg hates how he craves dessert all of the time now. so funny! Your kids are ADORABLE! We will be checking in more often. :)
- Greg and Laura