Friday, March 14, 2008

Ellen Day + Birthday = A dance party

I was hoping to maybe get this post up before "Ellen" aired on Tuesday where I was sure Lori, Mariah and I were going to make our National T.V debut dancing like crazy....or maybe I purposefully didn't in the hopes that no one would see us dancing like crazy ladies! Either way, it didn't matter because other than a couple really cute shots of Mariah our T.V debut will have to come another time (don't worry we're not done trying) So how crazy we may have looked dancing, you'll never know :) But we did have the BEST time on our second official "Ellen Day" and it was even better that it was also Lori's 27th Birthday!

Happy Birthday again to Lori- We LOVED spending the day with you, but mostly I liked how fabulous you looked in your birthday crown!

We started our Ellen day by stuffing ourselves beyond any logic eating more breakfast than should be legal for any 3 girls to eat, with a birthday breakfast for Lori at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach.....if your ever looking for a good breakfast place in an insanely beautiful location I highly recommend it- made to order omelets, belgian waffles, bread pudding, croissants, crepes, etc....and as much as you want! Sooooo Good!

When we got to the Ellen show- barely in time I might add- we immediately volunteered Lori to do Karoake when they panned the crowd looking for people willing to humiliate themselves. (except Lori is the next american idol so it wouldn't be humilitation for her....the humiliation comes from Mariah and I when she forced us to volunteer with her, against our every better judgement....but whatever the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets- just kidding Lori you know I love you!) It turned out to be the best thing ever because apparently that is how they find people to call up & play the games you see sometimes on the show...kareoke is just an excuse to get high energy people. Not only that we got killer seats and kind of a VIP sort of treatment. Lori was chosen with 5 other people to potentially be called up for the game....but no luck! But, we did get 3rd row seats, had a blast, & wore ourselves out after they make you dance during EVERY commercial break (seriously that's exhausting) Thanks girls for another fun day.....can't wait for the next one... SOON PLEASE!!!!

*disclaimer...sorry if there are any spelling errors..not in the mood to go back and proof read right now...maybe later!


Halvos said...

OH...What a great BIRTHDAY!! I loved spending the day with you and Mariah! Thank you so much for breakfast and all the special treatment! ;) That was so fun and I can't wait to go get our pedicures!! Umm...I'm a slacker, still haven't put that up on my blog! But I think you'll appreciate the one that is up currently!

ERK & MRK said...

Love it, love it!!! It was so much fun! You put it so perfectly when you said that we "ate more breakfast than should be legal for any 3 girls to eat." You have me rolling! Thanks for a great day, can't wait for more laughs!

Hazen5 said...

I love the Ellen Show. I went for my Law's birthday too! Looks like you celebrated your friend's birthday in style!

Blythe Sudweeks said...

Hey Brooke! I randomly came across your blog while I was looking through some other sites. Random! It's so fun to see your posts and pictures. You look so happy and your kids are so beautiful!

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

k-I'm done blogstalking. I'm taking the plunge and actually commenting. YOU GUYS HAVE WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! I guess it helps that you have parents and in-laws around to watch the kids while you take off for the day, but STILL. Every time I check out your blog you guys are off on another adventure and having the time of your lives in the sunshine. Okay, I guess it also helps to have sunshine :) Keep posting about everything fun that you do b/c from now until we start actually living in the real world and making some money, I will live vicariously through your fun times!