Friday, March 7, 2008

Quirky Carson

These are probably total mommy moments that I want to have documented since this is the only journal i'm remotely regular with, so hopefully you'll enjoy...if not, maybe you just had to be there.

Why I LOVE listening to a 3 yr. olds thought process, and attempt to try make sense of things:

Carson: "Dad will you read me a story when we get home?"
Dad: "It's way past your bed time so i'll tell you one in the car instead.....When I was a little boy, my dad-- Carson, did you know that Grandpa Floyd is my dad, and I used to be a little boy like you?"
Carson: "Well then who would my dad be?"
Dad: "I'm your dad, and Grandpa Floyd is my dad"
Carson: "But I said what would happen to me if you're a little boy?"
Dad: "Carson I'm still your Daddy."
Carson: "But then why did you say you were a little boy?"
Dad: "I'm not a little boy anymore, but I used to be one."
Carson: "Well I don't want you to tell me that story."

Why I don't love having a VERY verbal 3 yr. old when I am about to pee my pants and DYING to go the bathroom and we are out, so he has to come in with me, to the loudly echoing bathrooms:
...nevermind, i'll spare you that dialogue. Let's just leave it at EMBARRASING!!!!!!!! And mommies, do your best to always, always, use the bathroom before you go out- and don't drink anything until you return home!


Ellen said...

Carson is quite the entertainer or at least his thought process is. Thanks for sharing.

The Badger family said...

I love the things you post about what Carson says. He is a funny little kid.