Wednesday, June 4, 2008

See you in A Couple

My cute little brother Trevor is checking into the MTC today and heading off to the Guam, Micronesia mission in a few weeks!
We're going to miss him A TON...especially his display of speedos in the coming summer months :) But are so proud of the choices he's made and the guy he's become. What an awesome role model for my own little man, who I know totally looks up to his Uncle Trevor. We LOVE you!!!

On a totally different note, other than the fact that these pictures were taken the same day as the ones above, explaining why Carson looks a little woozy in all, here's my personal advertisement for Children's Tylenol. Here's what a poor little guy with 101-103 temp looks like. Staying on the couch for about 6 hrs with a fever on Sunday, until my mom decided to run to the drug store to get Tylenol. You know the guy wasn't feeling well when he rejected ALL food and drink including ice cream & popsicles, and wouldn't move!
10 Minutes after the first dose of Tylenol. First thing he wants to do is eat dessert and ride his bike.
If only the Tylenol lasted more than a couple hrs!


Sarah said...

GO tylenol! I seriously have my own little stash of six (or so)dropper bottles of the stuff, just in case the FDA comes in and takes away the precious commodity! Nothing else works for my boys when they are teething. :)

James, Jessica & Harrison Snyder said...

I can't believe how old Trevor is! I think it's been about 6 years since I've seen him- probably at your wedding! I bet he is going to love Guam and have a great time!

The Dennis's said...

So, my mom just told me that our friends/neighbors when we lived in Sandy, Utah (back when I was little), just got called to be the Mission President for that mission. Their names are Mike and Gayla Dowdle. Kind of crazy!


Hazen5 said...

You must be so proud of your brother!

Poor baby Carson, I am glad the tylenol worked it's magic!