Monday, June 30, 2008

Fried Festivities

All the necessities for a fun day at the fair......

Fried Zuchini, Fried Onion and Fried Chicken platter...the fair special!
Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cream, and Shakes.........Check!
Since it's probably considered harsh & inhumane to display abnormally large humans now-a-days, instead, pay to see the insanely large steer and horse, because you just can't seem to fight the temptation.
Even though it's a dollar per person to see each!
Make sure that there's some good exhibits with seats to rest your weary feet. I'm pretty sure that spa guy thinks he made a sell. Sorry to dissapoint.

And you can't forget the foot massage to top it off!
Add that to all the endless people watching there is to be had,(seriously where do these people come from) I'm pretty sure counties fairs are the the modern mixing pots of America. We hit all the highlights, came home a little greasier, and all in all had a great time.


ERK & MRK said...

We've been wanting to hit up the fair! Loved the fried goodies, foot massage, and ice cream cones. I can just picture the sticky hands and shirts that came from that. Yummy! Good times!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

We just got home from the fair tonight! Ahhh, the fried food, nasty but good!

The Badger family said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love fried zuchinni. I am coming to Cali for probably a couple of weeks, we should get together. I will be there the end of July beginning of August. I hope all is well.

Holly said...

I miss the fair:) You guys definitely hit the highlights! Maybe we'll see ya there next year. Just so you know, we changed our blog address to

Hazen5 said...

So, did you try their fried Twinkies or fried Snickers? I did, let's just say not everything fried is good!

I'm so glad you had fun.