Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat

With one undecisive mom, our cute little Brynlee ended up with quite an array of costumes this year. And if I must say so myself, she looked pretty darn adorable in each one. Our handsome train conductor wouldn't have tolerated even one costume change, with his current obsession of all things trains. Good thing he wears his overalls so well, because I have a feeling they will frequent his wardrobe rotation this winter!In an attempt to have my kids be matching characters, Brynlee started off as a little hobo that lives at the train yard.
She wasn't a big fan of the hat, so next up was a ballerina.
And for the finale and night of trick or treating, we opted for something a little warmer....a fairy maybe. She called herself a butterfly :)

It has kind of become a tradition to trick-or-treat with Carson's cute little buddy Finn (and Milla) and the boys had a blast this year!!! We had a hard time keeping up with them!
Thomas came along too, and he was the cutest dalmation! And of the 14,000 pics we took, we got NO pics of all the kids together....surprise, surprise!
And lastly.....Carson was thrilled to pass out candy when we got back. He wouldn't let anyone else help, and sat with the door open waiting for the next group. He was VERY careful to give each kid only one piece and none of his favorites. I started to notice a little stash forming behind him, and I said, "Cars, you have a whole bucket of candy, everything in here is for other kids."
"No mom, they don't like chocolate!"
Of course not, who likes chocolate.


bethany said...

Maybe I can borrow Carson so he can eat all of our chocolate and I won't be left with any. Leftover chocolate=me gaining weight

queenieweenie said...

your kids are way too cute. i miss the days when I could decide their halloween costumes

Sarah said...

So stinkin' adorable! I am in love with Brynlee's ballerina pose! :)

Hazen5 said...

I just want to squeeze those kids they look so adorable!