Sunday, November 23, 2008

Till we meet again.

We've had a fun run with our Disneyland passes....oh the perks of living in So Cal. But now it's over. Hold on let me get my kleenex!
No really, i'm not being sarcastic. I really do LOVE the happiest place on earth! I love the rides, I love how happy everyone is, I love the cotton candy, I love how they decorate to the max for all the holidays, but I especially love seeing it through my kids eyes! I have come to realize that sometimes these outings seem like a lot of work, no actually they are a lot of work, but really, it is so worth it!
Before this disneyland annual passport filled year came along, I hadn't been for a kajillion years, but really it is soooo much better, more magical actually, if you don't mind me saying, with the little youngsters, but then again, what isn't. (besides any sit down restaurant)
And I might add, I actually love the southern california select annual passport that has an insane amount of block out dates. Really all they're doing is forbidding you to go on the days you really shouldn't...when everyone and their relatives, friends, and dogs are there. A crowded disneyland doesn't make the magical list!

We've had more fun times than we can count, & many worn out drives home, and this was no exception. The 3 youngsters were asleep before we hit the freeway, and shelbs was my picture poser....just a little too crammed to get any real beauty sleep.
It was a good run, and hopefully someday we'll get passes again! I think we're onto the zoo if anyone goes to the zoo let us know.


The John Clarksons said...

I love D-land. We've been gone from Cali for over a year now and Kylie still asks to go. It breaks my heart, really. I loved having annual passes and being able to leave my apartment and find myself at those magical gates 15 minutes later. Sniff. Sniff.

The Nixon Family said...

I am jelous of you so cal people. i hope to get my kids there ONCE in their lifetime. I might just go put my Christmas decorations up right now. Thanks for being dorky just like me. One month IS not long enough.

Hazen5 said...

We just renewed passes! I love Disneyland just as much as you. And you are so right about the block out days, only rookies go on the weekend and holidays!

Halvos said... SAD Brooke! I was wondering if you guys were going to renew or not. The zoo would be a fun one too. Maybe we'll go that route too! I need to call you--feel like I haven't talked to you in years! Sheesh!

queenieweenie said...

I'm so sad for you...but excited for me! We haven't been to D-land for about three years! We're finally getting passes again. So excited!

shay said...

We're jumping on that So. Cal bandwagon with D passes soon....but 1000 is a LOT to fork out for our not so small family!

amorology said...

what? No. Really?

ERK and MRK said...

Very cute Brooke! I'm sure you'll find something else to take it's place real soon :)