Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not quite the book!

Being one of "those" Twilight fanatics, I was uber excited about the movie......but came out a wee bit dissapointed. I know it was low budget, so I won't judge the semi-lame special effects, but I will judge the rest in my amatuer movie critic kind of way. Really it comes down to feeling like Edward & Bellas relationship was way under developed. (That and Carlisle's make-up job) My favorite part about the book, was all the over the top cheesy highschool flirtations, that took me back to my days of giddyness, and the movie was so rushed that it didn't show all that. But I have been kind of itching to see it again, i'm thinking maybe i'll like it better on round two. So really it wasn't bad, just a let down after reading the book.
Starting the twilight festivities with a party including some seriously intense trivia/jeopardy games, and more good food than one gal should eat in one night was a darn good way to start the night. I actually really like being part of this odd little twilight phenomenon. Any reason to have a party right?

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Blythe said...

I'm totally obsessed with the books also, and I was more than a little disappointed by the movie. I agree about the cute cheesy parts being missing from the movie...and what was up with that dramatic creepy music playing ALL the way through the movie, even during romantic parts?