Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So Thankful...

Sometimes I'm a little bit of a stress case.....but lately i've been feeling a LOT more like a perma-stresser in lieu of the financial and economic crazyness. Apparently i'm a tradional non-risk taking kind of gal. Who knew?
Anyhow, I think now in the season of thanks and giving, is a good time to reflect on how blessed I really am, and a good way to divert my mind from the less important stress causers, that will pass :)

*I'm thankful for two healthy beautiful kids, who keep me on my toes, but also seem to keep me in shape.
*I'm thankful for a Husband/Dad who the kids worship and comes home with just the right amount of energy to keep the kids laughing until bedtime....cause heaven knows mine is about expired at that time! Really there is NO better dad! The above picture is where the kids sit EVERY day to watch dad leave for work. *I'm thankful for black friday and all the other days of shopping that keep me sane...even if it's just window shopping. It's therapeutic.
*I'm thankful for grandmas & grandpas that live so close. We love seeing them so often and LOVE getting together on the holidays!
*I'm thankful for good food- really who isn't. But especially all the extra baking this time of year. I love it! *While i'm on the subject. I'm thankful for Costco. The hot dog combo and samples really made my day today!

*I'm thankful for where we live and our home.
*I'm eternal thankful for my little 4 person family! It really can't get better than this.
*I'm grateful for soon to be 4 yr. olds. I think this is going to be Carsons shining year. He's been such a little gem lately!
*I'm thankful for naps/quiet time that gives me about 2 hrs. a day to do ANYTHING I want. Mostly it's my "lazy time." and it's a sacred time!
*I'm thankful for a gazillion other things, but no joke, just as I wrote that last one, Brynlee woke up prematurely and she's not a happy camper. So that'll have to cover it for now!


queenieweenie said...

What a sweet post. You are at such a precious time in your kids lives.

You are such a beautiful family.

Hazen5 said...

And those are so great reasons to be thankful!

I love your new blog look.

shay said...

Sacred time....I hear ya! I wish six kids helped keep me in shape like two do for you!

Jen and Bryan said...

Ummm... I didn't see my name on the thankful list... what's up with that? :) Is the co-op up and going? I want to know how things are going so far.

Ellen said...

I love the picture of Bynlee looking at ads, isn't she starting a bit young?

California Blakes said...

i love this post! I miss you! Let's play soon. Oh, by the way, I think I saw some great potential Christmas card pictures!!

ERK and MRK said...

Brooke I love this post. Seriously the kids sit and watch Matt leave for work??? Okay that is the cutest and most funny thing ever! I am also grateful for all of the things you mentioned especially Costco, hehe!