Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Rainy Ride

The other day I sat down to lunch with Carson and said, "Hey Cars, have you had a pretty good day so far?"
"Yes. Ummmm, actually I mean no, because it wasn't a day with Dad. A good day is a day with Dad."
Are you kidding me??? That is among the most cute things he has ever said. And why wouldn't a day with dad be good? He's seems to have at least 20 times the energy I do and has new make believe game ideas popping out of his ears. Carson lives for their occasional friday "work days" but even more so, their saturday "adventures." The most recent, a rainy bike ride to my parents was really quite the site.

It started out just cold and gloomy, so we bundled up our happy man! He was ready to go with some books to read and snacks packed for him and dad. Except somehow no snacks were left for dad when they reached their destination :)
It wasn't long before the rains came tumbling down. Brynlee and I got in the car and it we caught up to them at town center hiding under the clock for cover.
Eventually they carried on, and kept pushing even when it started hailing!!!! Crazy Boys!
Meanwhile Brynlee and I enjoyed our heated car ride and acted like the paparazzi chasing them down. Brynlee was giddy everytime she spotted them. Which is good since she was seriously bummed she couldn't go!


shay said...

...and no wonder any day is a great day with dad! I drove in that hail and it was big time stuff! What a dad!

Lacey said...

how fun, i bet carson was loving it!

Halvos said...

So fun! We need to do a family ride soon! Emily's almost big enough to hold herself up in the carrier...would be know it would! Cute pics!