Friday, January 30, 2009

Tornado Warning

A couple weeks ago I wrote in Brynlee's birthday post "Brynlee is not your stereotypical two year old," I stand corrected. No tantrums -yet (B-I-G knock on wood.) But that girl is a walking tornado. This isn't really anything new, maybe my mind was fuzzy when I wrote that, or maybe I was just thinking that the no tantrums part didn't make her a two year old. I think that it's the fact that she is just SO dang cute that I get momentary amnesia of her tornado habits when I think of her. Fortunately- or not- she reminds me daily of her semi-destructive behavior. A couple days ago just might have been her record.

***#1. The day started with her standing on the kitchen chair backwards and trying to rock it. This is frequent occurence and no matter how many warnings of "Brynlee you are going to knock out all your teeth if you fall," she still does it. Well she finally fell. Luckily she just cut her lip and hopefully learned a lesson.
***#2. While I was putting on my make-up I looked down to see Brynlee chewing on a razor with the protective plastic taken off. How she didn't severly cut her lip...I don't know.
***#3. We went over to my parents for 2 minutes and within 20 seconds Brynlee finds the sharpest knife known to mankind and is cruisin around the house with it.
***#4. As I'm getting dinner ready Brynlee reaches a napkin up on the counter, pulls it off and the serving dish that was on top if it comes crashing down, shattering in a gazillion pieces around her. Broken dish count: Brynlee=4 Carson=0.

Keep in mind this only includes her dangerous tornado moments, couch coloring and toy destruction is for the rookies. Miraculously the day ended with just one little cut on her lip.
Brynlee's motto is, "If it's climbable, I will climb. If there is a pool, I will jump in. If there's make-up, skin care, or hair care, I will apply. If there's pens I will color. If there's a button, I will push it over and over again. If it can break, I will do it!"
We sure love our built in work out machine!


ERK and MRK said...

What a funny little girl. I love the new make up look :)

shay said...

A tornado at your house...a noddy hurricane at mine...what on earth are we to do with these little munchkin cutie pies we call our daughters? Oh...just wait until they're friends.

Carrie said...

Oh man that is so scarey! Beau has done the sharp knife thing...he was stabbing my faux leather bar stools :( I was NOT happy!! Brylee is DEFINATELY a cutie pie...I can see how you forget her tornado habits

Sarah said...

This is so Lincoln, too! I've devolved to nasty boring plastic dishes until further notice because of his antics. He's done the makeup thing too. Looked like he should have belonged in Good Charlotte! If these kids weren't so cute I would have a much harder time with it! :)
I would have NEVER pegged Brinley for a tornado; she's so sweet in nursery!

Holly said...

With the title of your post, I was thinking that maybe your house looked like mine:o) Your little Brynlee is so cute! We've definitely had days like you've had, and they make me even more grateful for bedtime...when I know they are peacefully asleep and can't get hurt:o) Good luck!

Hazen5 said...

Just wait till those tantrums are "Teenager" tantrums! I am not looking forward to it either.

queenieweenie said...

she sounds exactly like my Spencer's a good thing they're cute!

Jessica said...

At least she is soooo cute! That always helps!