Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let the Fun Begin

After being couped up for nearly 3 weeks with more viruses and bacterial infections than any one family should have in a year, we've made up for lost time by spending the last couple weeks partying like it's 1999. Nonstop. I'm exhausted. But sadly it doesn't take much to get me to that state now-a-days.
We started off the party with a rager including "Thomas and Friends." If the young fans of Thomas the train had a fan website (which they very well may, but I will probably never google that one) Carson would be a regular follower.
Grandma Karen got us tickets to see "Thomas and Friends" Live at the Sports Arena. It was an afternoon full of all the concert regulars...popcorn, cotton candy, cookies, and hot chocolate. Topped off with the 2 cutest engineers you've ever seen. The kids had a blast, and it really was a cute show! Thanks Grandma Karen.

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