Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Certifiably Insane....

That's what I declared myself after agreeing to drive to Arizona with my 2 younger brothers & kids last Thursday morning. 6 hours before departure!I decided long ago that my spontaniety went out the window when the 2 kids came in, so when my older brother called to convince me to come to Arizona to hang out with my SIL for the weekend while the boys went biking I said no. Somehow, after A LOT of indecisiveness and persuading, I ended up in Arizona.
Matt worked insane hours (the countdown is on, only one week left of busy season) and we got in some good quality bonding time.

Aside from minor travel incidents: a) flat tire on the way home, and b)the drive from &^*&^%#@ on the way out there- Brynlee was NOT a happy camper, the weekend was pretty darn fun.

Some Highlights:
We met up with Beth at the CUTEST Children's museum. If I was an AZ resident, a pass would be a must! They had a "car wash" that the kids could drive through. A grocery store where the could shop, cars to drive, cars to race, and lots of other contraptions! Seriously Cute!
Our other Arizona musts: a fun girls night with Janelle, Cafe Rio, and lots of pool and park time...arizona spring weather is the best!
We were ready to be home after going non-stop, but loved visiting with the family. Hopefully we weren't too destructive to their home :)


Shenna said...

I haven't made it out yet to the museum...looks like I'm going to have to make that a priority! Congrats on gaining some spontaneity back. :)

The John Clarksons said...

I'm so excited for busy season to be over!! I love checking out your blog - you guys are so cute!

ERK and MRK said...

You amaze me Brooke! Glad to hear you had some fun adventures. Can't wait to play soon :)

Jen and Bryan said...

not even going to comment on this one. :)