Monday, June 22, 2009

Number One

We are blessed, we are lucky, we are better people than we ever thought possible because of YOU!! Our family is led by the best. The Cream of the Crop. The One and only. Winning the lottery wouldn't compare to the feeling of having THE number one dad in our life...not even close! We Love him to pieces and had the best time spoiling him for his special day.
What makes our dad number one? I don't even now where to begin, but I know that everyone can use a Matt in their life. He laughs and makes us laugh constantly. You can't be around him for more than a minute and not laugh. His joy is contagious. He's a hard worker, and has spent the last 6 months building his own business, but we've always known his priority is with his family and especially in spending time with the kids. The memories of their fun "adventures" with dad will be one of those things they'll be telling their kids about. Above all he makes me want to be the best mother and wife that I can possibly be.
Our Perfect day of celebrating our dad was spent eating lots of good food and with both families, and both of our dads who are also AMAZING!!!! I have been surrounded by nothing but phenomenal men in my life.
Father's day fun wouldn't be complete without a little mischief with the cousins. I found the troops outside with this train concoction they made. They proceeded to tell me they had just "bombed" down the hill with my little Carson in the mix. Ay ya ya!!!!!

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ERK and MRK said...

Oh Brooke loved this blog, very sweet. Okay your cake turned out GREAT, look at you! Nice job :)