Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour de California

A couple weeks back Matt left us by our lonesome for a week of some serious male bonding on the road. Literally! What started as a fun little bike riding hobby for the occasional triathlon has ended with another pair of smooth legs in the house....these boys mean business!
We were sad and NERVOUS (mostly me) to say goodbye, but the boys had an adventure to remember!
The team: Uncle Craig, Matt, Nathan, Dad, and Trevor, starting their ride in good ole' San Francisco.
They rode down the california coast on the pacific coast highway (insert my nervous tendencies you know how many oldies cruise that highway in big old motorhomes that are far too big for their own good??? Not to mention the cliffs...oh the cliffs!)
500 miles later and 6 days on the road, the self created "Team Amgen" ended their tour de california in Malibu.
And I think they all ended a little more manly than they began with some serious farmers tans!!!


bethany said...

Wow. That is 500 miles too many to be riding a bike. Amazing.

Courtney said... exactly how many seconds per mile does having shaved legs save you?

Interesting, very interesting.

Us said...

Very cool.