Sunday, November 15, 2009

I wanna be a part of it.....

N.E.W. Y.O.R.K
With the help of two sets of FABULOUS grandparents, Matt & I were able to escape to the east coast for a kidless vacation. The bulk of our time was spent in New York with the newlyweds Kaitlyn & Jordan, who were the best hosts. There's no better way to visit a crazy, fast paced city, than with your own personal tour guides.
Why did we love New York so much? GREAT FOOD, GREAT SHOWS.....and okay shopping (the stores were PACKED and huge...I guess a little too overwhelming for an amateur such as myself)...but seriously GREAT FOOD and lots of it. It's a darn good thing you have to walk so much in that city, or the food could have done some serious damage.
Serendipity, Sarabeths, Patsy's, Magnolia's, Crumbs, Shake Shack, Alice's Tea Cup, Phantom Of the Opera....there's the highlights in a nutshell.
and of course our time with Kaitlyn and Jordan....Love you guys!

Next up we rented a car and drove to Penn State in Pennsylvania to visit our good friends Mark & Natalie. Matt went to the east coast a surfer from so cal, and became a too cool for school aviator glass wearing east coaster. and that about sums up our pictures from there, So lame that we didn't get one of all of us. It is a GORGEOUS town with awesome fall colors, and we LOVED seeing Mark & Nat, it's been way too long!!!

And the final stop of our east coast journey was in D.C. We met up with Matt's cousin Eric for dinner and one of my best friends from college Ashley.
and again....we walked A LOT......

D.C is an insanely beautiful place and you kind of want to walk around and sing the national just oozes patriotism with all it's history. We just wish we could have been there a little longer, and explored a little more, but I think the grandma's thought it was plenty long:)
so until next time....


Haley said...

Brooke!! That looks like so much fun!!! That is so neat you were able to meet up with Ashley too. I've never been to NY - can't wait to go and eat - and do other things there to I guess :).

.kaitlyn.ray. said...

come again soon!