Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pre-Halloweeny fun

Pumpkin patches, cookie decorating, trunk-or-treat, and carving parties oh my! The days before halloween were busy and fun and hopefully all the pictures adequately represent the fun we had & I can keep the commentary to a minimum, with all the blog catching up I have to do!

We loved spending time with the Blake's in the OC for the day and ending at the pumpkin patch!!!!!
(Just a side note since my kids don't look at this blog nor can they read....isn't this tractor cute? They just might be getting something similar for x-mas this year, and Carson just might have accidently stumbled upon it in my parents garage apparently hiding not so good, and I just might have been super bummed but hopefully did enough to make him forget about it...sad story huh :( )

Costumes take 1 for the ward trunk or treat.....
We are so loving every holiday with these too!!!

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