Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Passing by SO fast!

How do you possibly catch up on journaling the last 9 months of life? You don't. Between a move to a new house, a new baby, a 1st time kindergardner, a couple busy tax seasons, a wedding, and summer in all it's gloomy glory, it's a wonder how anything gets done around here.
My list doesn't get shorter. ever. Instead, I feel overwhelmed with so many things that need to get done, and wake up in the middle of the night in panic mode thinking about it. Then in the morning the tasks are too daunting to tackle, so instead I do none of it. Oh sweet life. But we love it, and the craziness is now the norm, so i'll consider myself adjusted and get back to my blogging groove.

Anyhow, here's my mediocre re-cap of life pre-baby....I'll at least give the big stuff a post of their own!
Most of the spring the kids in I were doing our best to make it through another busy tax season, while Matt worked for what felt like 3 months straight! I was mostly working on staying sane :) Picking strawberries, our new annual outing is a favorite!!!!!

We celebrated some holidays....and were lucky to have gotten visits from the easter bunny & some crazy leprechauns!
The kids and I traveled, hoping to make tax season go by faster. Hmmm, not sure traveling alone with 2 kids really makes anything go by faster....but it was fun! First to Utah, to visit family & friends. Then to Arizona to meet our new baby cousin Katelyn. She was a hit, and oh so adorable!

But how did we really stay sane you ask???? At least they're smiling

To celebrate the end of April 15th, we made our 2nd annual post-tax season get-away to Palm Springs for a weekend.

Palm Springs is always a good time, and was the perfect prep for baby #3.....

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Shenna said...

Welcome back, Brooke! :) I can't believe your little man is big enough for school!! Time really does fly by. Your kids are such little cuties!!