Saturday, July 10, 2010

Moving Day

We have loved our living and owning our first house in San Elijo for the last 5 1/2 years! But, it was time to sell it, and move on. Carson was totally bummed about the whole ordeal, not a big fan of change, but I think once he realized our new house was on a cul-de-sac a
nd our neighbors had some kids that thought he was pretty darn cute, he's adjusted. Nontheless, always sad to say goodbye to a home that has been such a big part of our family and holds so many memories!

The amount of "Stuff" we have accumulated over the last few years blows my mind. And sure makes for a fun time moving when you're 9 months pregnant. So far since kids, we've moved a week after Carson was born, and now 3 weeks before Saylor was born. So maybe timing isn't our strong suite. Thank goodness for helpful grandma's we got most the moving in completed before the baby!

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