Friday, September 24, 2010

Saylor Grace

Saylor Grace made her grand entrance into the Brown Family June 15, 2010. She's been my naughtiest baby of the bunch, but I am seriously obsessed with her, and she is the cutest thing that you will ever meet. I think the loud babies have to be extra cute, and then it doesn't bother you when they yell endlessly...and it works! Here I am in all my pregnancy glory about a week before delivery!!!!
and one last look with the buddha belly and a little moment with Carson the morning we went in. I'm all about inducing and so is my Dr. so I consider us a pretty good team. Checked in the hospital around 8:30 am, they gave me my epidurral around 9:30- more appropriately referred to as heaven in a IV- and popped the little lady out just after 2:00. Sounds all so simple and smooth right- that's what Matt thinks, and can't figure out why I don't want a bunch more. Actually our naughty and adorable Saylor Grace has yelled enough that I think he's finally brought his numbers down to my level. Either way the delivery went well, except for right before delivering, I felt more pressure than I wanted to and begged for an epidurral booster. I want to be numb beyond any numbness, no inclination for a natural birth in this lifetime. So once that was all in place it was pretty smooth sailing.
She was such a little chunker too. 8 lbs. 2 oz. my biggest by Far!!!! So much for dreams of a 6 pounder.
and here's the first family of 5 in the hospital pic. Please excuse the fat face, it happens!!!

Around 1 week.
Saylor at 4 weeks
Here's Saylor at 5 weeks old with one of her future best buddies...Gordon. Little G is only 2 weeks older than Saylor and a true gentleman :)
Her chubby little smile is the BEST!!!! Saylor at 2 months.
And one of the most recent. The blue eyed beauty at 3 months old!!!!


Ellen said...

What beautiful pictures of Saylor Grace. Sorry she is a screamer. I love being able to read your blog again. I understand your hands are full, so I will be patient.

bethany said...

So cute!! I love her little hair things-and these photos are adorable!! Yeah for new blog posts!!

Shenna said...

She is a little cutie!! My third, Hunter, is about 7 weeks old now and is a very naughty, screaming baby too...does it get better a month from now? :)

Marcie said...

Congratulations, Brooke! She is beautiful. :)