Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movin' on Up

Preschool was a good time for Carson. He made a couple new best buddies, loved his teacher Miss Debbie, and crafted his little heart out.
and crafted.....
and crafted. So many crafts, that I was left with only one option. Take a picture, so we can look back on them with fondness, and then sneak them into the trash when Carson isn't looking, cause there's no way in heck he would approve of the disposal of anything. Just look at his room.
Here's most the kids in his class, performing for Mothers day.

But with the end of preschool, it was time to move on up & begin the beginning of many many years in school. Kind of a scary concept. No tears were shed, almost. Maybe they're we're just a couple when he had to walk the last steps into his classroom and he turned and waved. He was SO SO nervous, and is such a cute little guy, but I think I might have even been more nervous for him. All I could think about was whether or not I raised him the best I could up to this point, since there's going to be so many new influences throughout his day, and not all good. Have I given him confidence, and a good base? And most importantly have I really enjoyed and soaked up the time i've had with him? Not sure that I have. It will forever be my goal to not have regrets when it comes to raising my kids and spending time with them.

We started the first big day of school with Carson's breakfast of choice- german pancakes.
And naturally, Carson looked like a stud.
And here we are, nearly 2 months into school and he's loving it. and so am I!!! He gets to ride the bus because we're being shipped to a school different than the one we're supposed to go to because of overcrowding. But he loves the bus, and I love the extra hr. I get. It's a win win.

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