Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lake Powell

So, Matt and I decided to be totally insane and take the kids camping to Lake Powell last weekend with a couple friends. We were totally stressed for days before, worrying about everything we should have worried about before committing to going: how the heck are the kids gonna get good sleep/naps? are they going to be naughty and ruin everyone else's trip? etc. It didn't help that all who heard we were going proceeded to confirm to us how crazy we were. Then on top of it all, the weather forecast was showing possible thunderstorms half the time we were there. Anyways, the trip turned out to be so fun! The kids were both angels, and slept like champs. Carson had a blast playing in the dirt all day, filling up buckets of water, and "cleaning" lake powell with wipes. (the kid appreciates a good clean campsite) I think he also ate more junk food that weekend than the rest of his life combined. We had a killer campsite that was perfect for the kids and completely private in our own little cove. Such a fun trip!
On Saturday, the storm started rolling in so we did end up booking it out of there a day early and went to Phoenix to visit my brother and his wife on the way home. We got out just in the knick of time- we drove through one of the worst rain storms ever the whole way to phoenix. I almost even made matt pull over, and i am soooo not one to drag out a road trip unless absolutely necessary. I'm sure our campsite got worked! Anyhow, always fun to see the bro. and a good end to a vacation!

What a hottie!
Matt & Carson on wake skate!
The Browns & the Fullers
Brynlee & uncle Nathan at the park


bethany said...

Sorry that I haven't sent that headband back-I have no excuse, but I will give myself a smack for being such a bad friend. And I'll send you some of that ribbon I use as well-I get it at Joann's-do you guys have a Joann's around you? Anyway, I've gotta pick some up anyway, so I'll just get some extra for you!! Looks like a fun trip!! I would be afraid to take Jakson on something like that too-although he probably would ruin it :)

Marcie said...

What a fun trip! It's always a bonus when your kids do well when on vacation, huh? :)

Bryan & Jen said...

Phoenix...? seriously?... you're so lame!

Bryan & Jen said...

CRAP! I was hoping you wouldn't find out that we were there! :) So, should I tell you now or later that I am going back this weekend. It will be a really short trip (again) for my cousin's wedding and I'm not bringing my family. :) Brooke, you KNOW I love you!! By the way, your motha's on the phone! ;)