Thursday, October 4, 2007

So Long, Farewell...

So the last couple months, Carson has been in a big boy bed, and things haven't gone as smoothly as we had hoped. (a slight understatement) More fitting would be to say i've had many a days where I've wanted to throw the bed out the window-if only it wasn't so big. (okay that might be a slight overstatement-it is quite a cozy bed after all) Here is why i don't like the bed: Carson's sleeping schedule pre-big boy bed: - 1 nap a day about 2-3 hours. Nightime sleep- in bed between 7:30 and 8:30 and sleeping until 8 the next morning. Carson's sleeping schedule post big boy bed: In bed by 7:30, and sometimes not falling asleep until 10:00. Naps on occasion when he is on the brink of exhaustion. We've even resorted to putting a baby gate on his room so he can't come out, but unfortunately that doesn't get him to sleep. Somehow he finds something entertaining enough to keep him up, even though he has NO toys or books in there. The clothes in his laundry basket were fill-ins for tractors the other day. Now I appreciate the creativity, but seriously, why won't he fall asleep? All i know is it drives me crazy! He could just be to the age where he doesn't need a nap anymore, but the thought of not having that 2 hrs. a day to myself where both kids are down is so sad that i'm not quite willing to accept that possibility yet.

So today Matt and I decided was the big day to send off Carson's beloved binky to the trashman. How this will help him sleep I don't know...but here's to hoping. We both just got to the point where we think he's old enough to not need it, and it was easy to explain that to him. He has never gotten to have the binky during the day since he was one, it's just been a night time companion- but a good one. We never saw reason to take it away because he has ALWAYS gone to bed soooo easily with it and been such a champion sleeper, so why mess with a good thing. Clearly it's not helping lately (probably not hurting, but definitely not helping.) So we gave him one last suck this morning, took it out to the big trash, and watched the trashman take it away. We also went to target and let him pick out one special prize for being such a big boy (this is seriously a momentous occasion in our home) and hopefully we can use that prize to remind him he doesn't need his bink. Well of coarse in true Carson fashion he picked a little semi-truck with a tractor in tow, that he has been glued to since we got home. Note the picture up top. He couldn't be more proud!

Well here we are the afternoon of his first nap without a binky, and he's been in his room crying on and off for almost 2 hrs. because he didn't want to stop playing with his new toy. Looks like another napless day! ahhhhhh!
Even though the outcome of a binkyless sleeping carson is yet to be determined we had some fun taking pics of the goodbye!

One last suck

A big muscle flex for a big guy
Nothing put in this nasty diaper infested trash is ever coming out!!

goodbye binky!!!!


Danielle said...

Oh Brooke I feel your pain with the sleeping thing. Have you tried the Super Nanny approach? At night you sit with them, Carson in bed, you on the floor. You turn so he can't see your face. If he gets out you just keep putting him in bed until he gets bored and stops. Then you sit there until he falls asleep... I know what you are thinking. .. Then each night after that you move closer and closer to the door, and finally I think it is on day 6 you can leave and they are to stay in bed and go to sleep on their own. It worked for our Allie, now it will be truely tested when Brinley is in a big girl bed.
Sorry for the long comment, just thought you may like some suggestions.

Bryan & Jen said...

way to make a break!!! we have a gate in front of Carter's door, too. :) It's great. He stands at his door and yells "mommy" until I come get him... waking up Addilyn in the process... so fun! :)

bethany said...

We did something similar to Danielle with Jakson-except we used the Baby Whisperer tactic :) Same thing. My favorite part was the "one last suck"-it's awesome that you documented it in pictures.... I do not look forward to the day that we have to take Jak's pacifier away.