Monday, July 21, 2008

Curious George Ain't Got Nothing

I am willing to bet big bucks that there is not a more curious boy in the world than Carson. Uncle Nathan, the previous question champ asks loads of mindless and useless questions, and I have been known to make fun of him frequently or respond with, "seriously, WHO CARES".....but now-a-days, he doesn't even hold a candle to Carson...Curious George, not even on the same playing field, A college trivia bowl (if those even exist), guarantee he can ask more in the same amount of time. Now I'm all for a curious mind and taking any and all opportunities to teach kids, but I have to admit that sometimes the rapid fire questions wear me out. I planned on keeping a tally one day so I could keep it in Carson's journal, but 10 minutes in the car to target and 21 questions later, (literally) I gave up.
I don't know, is rarely an acceptable answer for the little man. Your better served to make up an answer. And more likely than not your response will only lead to a new question. Why does it get dark? Well Why does the Sun Go down? Well Why does the earth spin?
And then there's our regular regiman of questions in the grocery store. Why is that kid crying? Why is that guy loading the shelf? Where is the back room? Who goes there? Why do they put the cookies on that shelf? What are the carts made out of? Why can't I walk? You get the point.
Carson's mind is always moving and my efforts to make ALL toys in his room inaccessible during quiet time, in hopes that he'll actually fall asleep, only result in a nap about once every two weeks. and only on the brink of exhaustion. Kind of the same pattern as his time to sit and relax!
He definitely keeps us on our toes, but we sure love our little question making machine! So if your ever in the mood to share some random thoughts, knowledge, or theories with someone feel free to give Carson a call, because he would love to listen. Or if your in the mood to gain some random knowledge you could either call Carson or Nathan, and one of them is bound to have an answer. Give little Carson a few more years and he'll really be ready to give Uncle Nathan a run for his money!


bethany said...

Sometimes I'm glad that Jakson can't speak..... :)
I'll be in town-let's be honest I'll be 37 weeks along, where would I go? So, unless I'm in labor, I'll be around-and I'd LOVE to see you!! Let me know!

flip flop mama said...

Oh I'm so glad Rachel's not the only one! I could have written this post word for word! LOL It sure gets tiring!

Hazen5 said...

He's going to grow up to be such a smart guy! (Even though he's driving you nuts.)

Halvos said...

You are a saint Brooke! It seems all cute and funny when you read this post, but I would go NUTS after 3-4 questions...and bless you for being so patient and getting to 21! Wow! You really are a fantastic mom, Brooke and that is why he's so smart and curious! And you can't blame the random questions on nathan alone--I have been at your house PLENTY of times when you have come up with some 'hypothetical situation' and we have to talk about what we'd do in that kind of a crisis even though it is hardly likely to ever happen! He's gotta be influenced a bit by that I'm sure! ;)

schetsclan said...

It is fun to hear what is happening with your family. You always have fun things going on. I loved hearing about Carson. Bryce asked a lot of questions, but Carson takes the cake. Bryce asked just the right amount of questions, that made me think a little deeper. I loved the picture with Grandpa, So sweet! Love you guys.

Holly said...

I ran into Becky today...small world! I didn't realize she lived close to us. It's a wonder we never met up somewhere before! I felt lame though cuz I kept calling her Brooke:o)
Anyways, the whole question thing drives me crazy! Maybe Nathan and Carson should play the "question game" together. It's pretty funny and I'm sure Carson would do really well!

shay said...

It's the age, but he's gonna be a smartie! Tell him to call his gma or ask his dad :)