Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not so Royal

We had a fabulous, kidless vacation in Puerto Vallarta with the Halveys and the Koehle's and here's some of the highlights and lowlights in a whole heck of a lot of pictures......okay really the only lowlight is the resort, so we'll go ahead and start there!

Welcome to the Royal Decameron, also known as little tijuana. Really we were in the minority BIG time. Now nothing against my hispanic brothers and sisters, but just not quite what we expected. Apparently if you run out of things to do during the day they give you a random can of paint and you can touch up the outer exterior any place you choose!
Next we have sweet sweet Ramona. Every night there was a show and we made it through half a show one night, and opted for games the rest of the week...good choice. Ramona flipping up his dress every few seconds to show his speedos (with a hole in the back no less) somehow lost it's humor after 10 minutes. Although it did make for some good jokes the rest of the week.
Here we have our favorite meal of the Royal D. Mmmm chips and guac! The rest of the food....lets just say it didn't really agree with our systems or our taste buds. I am sooo not hard to please, but these buffets needed some serious revamping!
All in all, here's how we felt about the resort......

Okay, really, other than our accomodations, the trip was awesome and really relaxing. Something about being able to go wherever you want, when you want, is the BEST!!! Not to mention a week with NO whining....okay maybe a little when we first saw our 1 star get-up. We did miss our little munchkins quite a bit though! Our trip started the night before staying in Blake's motor home at LAX.

The resort really did have some fun things to do. we went for a couple rides into town on our banana bikes, played lots of volleyball, kayaking, and sailing!
And the night time made for some great rounds of "loaded questions." This is quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of trip after a hilarious help me Eric, if you ever make fun of Matt's teeth again :)
One of the excursions we did was a Zip Line Canopy Tour. SOOOO FUN! You fly so dang high and over rivers and trees and some of the instructors were really cool and would go with you so you could go backwards or upside down. Highly recommend this one!
Next Excursion was the "Rhythm of the Night." Go ahead and hum the song while you read on. I am! We were taken by boat to a private beach for dinner and a show. There was lots of rain, and good good food under candlelight- oh la la. The water was beautiful over there...a good change from the poo murky water in front of our resort, and it was so tropical. We almost wanted the boat to leave us behind!

Here's a few more tidbits and highlights of our trip. Sorry, I just have too many pictures to post! We ate an Italian place that was our favorite restaurant on our resort....and this is our anniversary dinner. Happy 6 babe, I love you more than Ever!!! I have to say one of my favorite pre-trip quotes was when Lori asked if we minded spending our anniversary with them and Trevor said, "What, in Puerto Vallarta, with no kids?" Sounds pretty darn good to me.
The twilight phenomenon carries on in Mexico. I'm happy to say that Eric and Mariah joined the club on this trip....well mostly Eric, cause he was being a twilight book hog:) can you blame him?

Hanging out at our favorite resort down the this is a real resort!
All in all, a seriously fun trip, good company, and lots of laughs. Thanks guys for coming with us. And Huge Thank you thank you to both Grandparents and Aunt Paige who took such good care of our kiddos. I'm pretty sure they didn't even know we were gone!


bethany said...

I'm so jealous-even if the resort sucked-a week without kids sounds fabulous!! I'm already planning it in my head :)

.kaitlyn.ruth.brown. said...

hey brooke, omg i didnt even know you were going on that vaca. looks amazing!!! hahaha i heard all about the grill... OH DEAR! i got a few calls from kare bear about it. hope all is well, im updating my blog right now!!!


ERK & MRK said...

Well said Brooke! You have a way with words. I'd actually just like to copy and paste this on my blog!!! Great times!

Halvos said...

What? No mention of your new best friend Abe? I'm shocked! And no mention of your new traveling destinations due to a fabulous presentation? Wow...

Hee hee---just playin! But we had SUCH a fun time with you guys and would do it all over again--just somewhere else please. ;)

Eric said...

I noticed Matt wasn't smiling at our soccer game, I hope it wasn't because of me. I think I cut him deep with the tooth comment. Edward would know how to apologize.

Hazen5 said...

Sorry about your LOW-LIGHTS!!! BUt, You can't complain about anything if you get to go on a childless trip! Great pictures.

Blythe said...

Sounds like you had so much fun! I'm jealous!

Holly said...

That first picture of your resort just made me laugh! How funny:oP Sounds like you had a blast regardless! There's nothin like a trip...anywhere...with no kiddos!

John & Chelsea said...

So fun! We haven't been to Mexico in a while. I'm about half way through my bottle of Mexican vanilla, so I guess it's not quite time to go again. John was asking how you guys were the other day - looks like things are good! Happy anniversary!