Friday, January 30, 2009

A Mickey Celebration

Carson ended up being able to celebrate his birthday in a more exciting fashion on Monday! The whole month he has been asking for a boat cake, so a boat cake it was going to be....almost. Grandma Karen took him to party city to pick out plates and decorations, but they couldn't find any boat themed things. Not to worry, i'm sure he didn't search too long before he saw Mickey and Friends and was immediately convinced that those were the paper goods he needed. So our boat cake quickly turned into Mickey, and we had a fun and chaotic disney celebration.

Do you notice all the cake and ice cream left on the table? Well if not, there was A LOT!!! But Carson and Brynlee lick their plates clean. Always. My kids are seriously ADDICTED to sugar. It's in the genes. I swear! Now I know that all kids love sugar, but my kids take it to a new level. There have been many many times where they are eating dessert amongst other kids, and without fail they are the last two eating making sure to get every last morsel off their plates. I think they really do lick them. It's not that they're slow eaters eithers, other kids just don't finish. If the neighbors open a candy wrapper they will hear it or smell it within seconds. Matt blames me for that gene. And truth be told, i'm probably guilty.
But anyways, happy birthday again Carson...and our farewell to our busy birthday month.


Courtney said...

Hmmmmm....I also carry that gene. I now fear for my future children.

bethany said...

Hey wait! I recall you making a boat cake in NZ...why didn't you just whip that one up again? Oh well, Mickey is cute too :) Wanna come to my house in April to make Jakson a cake? You'll get to EAT some!!