Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcoming the Two's

Our little Brynny bear is officially a 2 year old. Though she is definitely nothing like your stereotypical two year old....yet :) We just love her to pieces! I dare you to hang out with her for more than two minutes and not become smitten yourself. It's impossible. Really. We love having her in our family. Brynlee's our monkey, always always perched on top of some piece of furniture, or in the process of climbing. She's our artist, generously willing to decorate our walls and couches with any pen or marker she can find...I guess we won't be buying that new couch i've been dying for, for oh sooo long! She's our singer, frequently found singing her favorites, "the temple song," "popcorn", "child god" and "the raindrop song," it can melt your heart. She's the best cuddle bug. Throw one of her favorite blankets over your shoulder and she's yours. She LOVES her big brother like nobody's business. He's her hero in every sense of the word. If she could be Carson when she grows up she would. There's never a dull moment with our little firecracker, and I would really love her to stop growing right about now! I think i'm in love with the early two's!!! But mostly i'm so in love with this two year old! So Happy Birthday to the best little girl ever, aka my shopping partner in training! We LOVE you!!!
Blowing out candles isn't a strong point for either of our kids. Luckily no one minded a few extra surprises on their slice of cake :)

Oh it was a looong day for this little princess...or both of them!


queenieweenie said...

HOW is she two already???

What a stinkin' cutie

bethany said...

Matt the Princess. Love it.

She really is cute Brooke-good job :) My kids aspire to be like your kids.

shay said...

I STAND amazed at how time flies. Brynlee IS the cutest little princess for sure! She is one of my little reminders that my Viviana isn't far behind her! Happy bday little cutie growing into a TODDLER! Brooke, are you READY ???????!!#@$#!!

Hazen5 said...

Happy Birthday Princess Brynlee! I love watching her in sacrament, she always brings a smile to my face.

Courtney said...

Brooke, your kids are absolutely adorable!! There is an awful lot of Anderson in them.....Sheesh! Anyway, thanks for the welcome to the blogging world - I hope I don't end up boring people to tears.

Also, on a separate note, how do you know Whitney and Jim Kringle? I saw them in one of your old posts, and they both used to be in my Singles Ward up here till they got married. Anyway, just wondering.

Hope you guys are doing well!!

flip flop mama said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweetheart!