Friday, August 13, 2010

T + L = Love

We gained a new lady in the Anderson Family this Summer. Trevor married Lauren on August 13th, and she's adorable....or should I say tough. Both my brothers have married super tough, athletic girls and i'm pretty sure they're hoping to breed superheros, and even more sure that they will. So, if there's any other women with a genetic make-up similar to wonder women, Shane's available.
We love Lauren, and my kids do to, she's a fabulous addition!!!! And if you ever come across Trevor or Lauren, ask them about their courtship, it's pretty much a one of a kind story, but so cute.

And Uncle Thumbs finally got to spend some time with his newest and probably favorite niece, Saylor.
This is one of Laurens little sisters, Abigail. She's got 9 kids in her family, and my kids are pretty much obsessed with them all, but especially Abigail. The best part is, that they can all play together and they do it so well. Those are golden friendships.

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