Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blessing Day

Saylor Grace was blessed at home on Saturday, August 14th. We like to live on the edge and do things the unconventional way. Except that i'm not an edgy kind of gal at all, and fretted about this at least a couple weeks before, but it turned out fabulous. I was worried it wouldn't feel as special being on a Saturday, and worried about how on earth I was going to feed 60 people after. Turns out all the worrying was for nothing & I loved just having some of our closest friends and family there. I especially loved not having to bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting, because for whatever reason i've always thought it was an unspoken rule to bear your testimony the Sunday that you bless your baby, and public speaking does not sit well with me.

Here's the circle of men that were involved in the blessing. Matt did an AMAZING job, just as he has with all 3 kids!!!! Great Grandmas, Grandmas, Mom & 2 beauty little babies :)
By doing the blessing Saturday we were able to have both sets of living great grandparents there, which was pretty darn special!

and here's a couple shots of some guests. The Koehle family, some of our favorites...and a few others below.

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