Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Joys

The summer kind of got away from us with the new baby. But, we did celebrate a few special days and spent a few more getting a tan. I turned 30...eek....and it may have been one of the most uneventful 30th b-days ever. I'll chalk that up to a 2 week old baby, and get a little extra crazy next year. Matt and Grandma Velyn celebrated their birthdays a day a part, so we joined forces for a little party. Carson & Brynlee dressed up for some Dancing to celebrate Matt & I's 8th anniversary on July 12th. That was pretty darn cute. To bad you can't feel the pictures, because Carson was wearing some pretty darn groovy velvet pants with his suspenders, that I believe were passed down from uncle Shane.

And the good ole' beach. The reason we pay those crazy bucks to live where we live, yet never quite seem to go. We only went to the beach a couple times this summer. A june baby doesn't go hand in hand with a sporting a swimsuit too often. Go figure! Not to mention June Gloom lasted through August! Anyhow, this was best beach day hands down of the summer. Perfect perfect weather! i'm pretty sure we didn't pack up the troops until 7pm. And we were especially grateful for "Mr. Koehle" who entertained all the kiddos.

And of course we were especially grateful for Grandma & Grandpa Anderson's pool this summer. One of our most favorite destinations!!!!

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