Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February Wind Down!

I've realized this year that between my two munchkins and my mother-in-law all having birthdays in January the craziness of x-mas season carries over into January for our family! So here's to a nice relaxing February the month to finally wind down (probably an oxymoron when raising two youngsters)

I can't let January go by without a little Birthday post for the cutest Carson Boy in the world who turned 3 on January 24th. Plus on a day where my little cranky pants is driving me near insanity, due to a little sleep deprivation, it'll be good to write and remember that he is usually an amazing, talented, smart, funny, and handsome little man. We truly couldn't have picked a more perfect fit for our family. He teaches us everyday, and is constantly wanting to learn. Seriously you have never heard such a curious boy, rounding out the day with at least a 100 questions (no exaggeration!...and for the record, I don't know does not qualify as an answer) He is goofy just like his dad and that is probably one of the many reasons they are the best of friends. They make up songs together, think up hundreds of games to play, and he looks forward to any adventure dad takes him on. He's mommy's little helper and loves to clean; i never would have imagined that offering cleaning or brushing your teeth to a toddler would be useful bribery in exchange for picking up their toys. He sensitive and very in tune with what is going on around him. He loves his sister and is an amazing big brother. He's creative, and has an awesome imagination! We love him so much and ever since his health scare at 4 1/2 months old we've known that he is a special little man. We can't believe how fast he is growing up and look forward to lots many more adventures! Happy birthday Carson! He's also currently obsessed with Thomas the Train...can you tell?


Marcie said...

What a sweet post for a sweet little guy! I love your train cake!

James, Jessica & Harrison Snyder said...

Brooke: you are a cake-making fool! I love it and am so jealous of the time you have to do that! It looks like it takes forever, but they are turn out so cute. And I love the fondant ones; so beautiful.

Also, PLEASE call me when you are at UTC next, I will be there in a heart beat: 858-922-0354. Hope to see you soon!

Garrett Family said...

Way to go on the b-days. We have 3 in a row in March, so I know what you mean. The cakes were awesome! I have a few pics if you need ideas for next near! We love your family! Diane

Halvos said...

That was such a fun little b-day party. Sorry savannah is little miss snotty pants in that picture! That is going to be a great one when they're all teenagers though! lol...fun times with the Brownies. :)